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He’s playing you the most he trusts you the least. He only loves Jessica and Jessica likes me.

I don’t know anyone named Jessica. That is a beautiful name though

Tbh I know I want to leave you alone… I know this is a dumb test that I need to pass cause I realize every time we’re in contact my money stops flowing and I just go through some of the most frustrating times but as soon as you’re gone I’m getting money and life is fine. I move on and then you come.

Alright why are you reaching out to me

Have you ever been sick from eating fast food before?

Yes…..I had a chocolate mousse, I cannot eat mousses now I know that

If they both turned on me behind my back and did exactly what they are trying to make you to do me too, what makes you think you won’t end up the same wrapped around their fingers.

Sounds like someone who is very…manipulative sorry

Would you keep tryin to fix your relationship after finding out that your partner still has feelings for their ex ?

Hopefully those feelings will go away I’m not giving up

I had a dream that u died in a airplane crash 😬😩

Now I’m not going on that plane in three weeks….it was me right?

Why do some people easily give up on their friendship with those who have psychological problems or with those they deem are clingy?

Because they are not certified social workers


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