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But in the end..does it even matter ?

kclovd9’s Profile Photokclove
They end is the most important part. At the end you'll be judged by where you laid your tresures

Would you date someone who is 16 years older than you?

When I was in my 20s my first two girls was 15 years plus years older than me. I wouldn't now because I want to have a son within these next couple of years

Worst thing you can do is let me get over you. I’ll never like you again

If they let you get over them I not trying to be funny but most likely they didn't want you anymore or they wouldn't of let it happen

What is that secret that you can’t tell anyone because it will probably ruin your life?

GlindaBells’s Profile PhotoPenny Lane
I don't have a secret that can ruin my life, I don't believe a secret something do did in the pass has the ability to ruin a life. It might bring shame or guilt but eventually you get over it unless you murder someone and got caught later down the line but I would never admit anything like that

Love or loyalty 🤔?

Love should come with loyalty but loyalty don't all ways come with love. So love

Have you ever had a secret admirer?

I might, people talking about me I ganged almost 1200 followers on Facebook a lot of them women, at the time I didn't know how I gain so many followers that fast. I went from 400 to 1600 in a month. They must of been talking about me bad for me to gain that many followers in a month, a couple women sent me a messages

Ever scrolled on someone's page and accidentally liked a post? 🤣

I press like on every body page because I know thats what most people are seeking, validation from likes

Can people really change ?

kclovd9’s Profile Photokclove
People don't change overnight it's a process. In the beginning they might slip a few times but as long as they get back in the game, and have faith eventually change will come if they want it bad enough

do you support lgbt?

Support them how? Do I believe its wrong in God's eyes yes, would I still support them if they need something to eat or a business idea

What would you do for a Klondike bar

Perfect example look this ridiculous comment. He worried about a Klondike bar. This is as big as his mind allows him to think. These kind of people will never like me and I fine with that. You'd probably bark like a dog on your hands and knees for half a Klondike bar SMH

ever just wanna time travel

No, everything a person to be successful is here it's so easy to make money in these days. Its not going to get to much easier than this

why should ppl give u a chance

Why would you seek the validation of people? They can't do nothing for you. You have to understand the mindset of these kind of people. These are same kind of people still blaming the white man for there probably. They don't see that they're the problem. you got 50,000 plus followers and you use the platform to try to tear down other black, they anit never promote any black business or anything positive. They promote foolishness, how you broke with all those followers, makes no scents. They can't see the big picture. I don't have the ability to do nothing for you but you got so much focus on me. 2023 the whiteman anit the problem no more. it's people like this. I not looking for a chance from them, we don't even think the same. Seek validation from God, not man,

So my friend was catfished by someone for about a year without confrontation but couple years later he figures out who It was In silence, he has been lied to twice so should he point it out or leave It be?

She should Point it out to him, but this story sounds like he'd had no malaise intentions. It was nothing personal to her, sounds like something he did to everybody, was she heart broken over the situation

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I love someone’s personality and company but I don’t find them psychically attractive what should I do ?

Be friends
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