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U hang with all niggas that fucked you. Sad

Um.. Only nigga I hang with is my bestie Rico & coworkers & none of them had anything...

You be dealin with too many niggas. Pick one or stay single tf

Idek who all these Niggas are supposed to be..

Do you have feelings for your baby daddy? And so you think about your ex?

No I don't & no not at all

You know you can still be a hoe even if u only fuckn with one guy at a time. You still movin fast through niggas like it's nothing. Doesn't matter if they wifing you or not and we know you got side niggas fuvkin

How can you be a hoe for messing with 1guy for MONTHS or even YEARS at a time.. Doesn't add up. I'm not moving fast at all so to the others yes that's something you should express to them.. Like I said before nobody Wants to be lonely or tripping off their x asking dumb questions in their askfm pretending to be anonymous trust we all know.. But um yea I don't have side niggas I'm a young single mom working & making money with bae on the side that is all & that's all it'll ever be unless our chapter ends.. Even if that happened "side niggas" are a no go

All the niggas that you be friends with or use to fuck with be callin you a hoe around other people it's funny because you think they fuck with you

..funny.. I definitely only have 2 real friends.. so these niggas that you're talking about must be imaginary like the rest of these ignorant assumptions

Everytime u with a new nigga ur value goes down bitch. Nobody wants a bitch that everyone's had before. Niggas like girls that can be solo without givin up ass quick and always looking for a companion

My value will forever be high because I'm a child of god & everybody has not been with me. & I don't know anyone who wants to sit around & be "solo" forever. I haven't given anything up quick & I wasn't even looking for anyone to be in the picture

You posted a pic of a guy and you alone. You've done it plenty of times to know that this is boo # 10 or watever. You love have significant others huh?

Lls I'm not alone if you Must know that is bae or whatever & boo # 10? What kind of count are you doing?? & that should be singular a significant other not others.. But who cares?? Why are you stressing me?? & so worried about Alex Alex??

Damn you tellin his business like its nothin. I'm sure he wouldn't do all that, an he has a job at the front desk of the hilton anyway

Right.. That's great for him.. & if you knew what was your purpose in asking -_-

You in love (or soon to be in love) with someone different already. That's too funny lol Got a boo all on Facebook dtfl

Nah.. I don't see how you could assume such a thing just off of a picture ? & id be Glad to put it on ig but again that's nobody's business but my own


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