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first I wanna know ,Are you okay cause you don't come to col ? second I ish to know if you're in relationship

Okay..I have so much questions in me now!
Im okay yes thank you for asking, but what made you believe that I'd be still using ask.fm!! If it wasnt connected to my email I wouldn't have ever known that someone have sent me a question !
And no I'm not currently in a relationship

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I meant by " may be a Friend " that you may not consider me as a friend before when we used to see each other

Aha.. It'd be my pleasure , hope you still be :)
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La2 mush dof3ttk we just knw each other.. anyways i didn't mean it khales en aday2k walahi walahi :D and Thanks for appreciating..

Wana madaye2tesh khales 3mmtn :).. thank you too for your understanding

You are so nice by the way and good person i missed you so much... I am a girl you haven't seen for a while but you are always in my mind '' may be a Friend ''

You must be a nice person too for saying these sweet words ..can't get what you meant by "may be a friend " but thanks anyway :)

Hoa Enta hatb2a mabsot law 3rft Eni msln b7bak we enta khan2tni mn sa3tha 3shan msh 3arfa mn 5 snen A7eb 7ad tani we msh 3arfa 2a2olak

yb2a el mfrood addaye2 ? ...walla a7awel akhamen meen el mn 5 sneen kan shaklo yedy eno bey7ebeni! :D
makansh asdy akhno2ek 3mmtn ana asef :)

what was your worst moment in life

None of your business .. And even I would tell , should I tell an anonymous ! ... El w7ed kan nasy ask da feen :D el wa7ed me7tg yhaza2 shwyet nas kda :D

Omry f7yatie ma3mlt el b3mlo dah bas i like you w akid omry mahagy aklm m3ak bas e7na kona m3 b3d f madrasa bas keda -.-

Tb ana el mfrood afrah en fy 7d mo3gab beya walla az3al eny msh 3aref howa meen !.. I won't share this on facebook for the sake of privacy ... Bs 3ndy fdool aa3raf eza konty dof3ety walla la2 bsra7a :)

Saad 3amalt eh el sana de fel kolya ?/ we eh akhbarek yabny mokhtafy kda leeh ?

Tb w leh 3la ask :D ..?! Ha2ollk eza kont mo5tafy walla la2 menen tyb! :)


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