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Do you remember your first day at school?

i was crying a lot to my mom to make her not leave me and then i played with blocks and vivian
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What Do u think of Aminaa?

What I think about Amina? She's my ride or die straight up, flawless, fab. I just can't live without her. She's one of those types who lightens up my day. She's like my sis. Every time we talk to each other, I feel loved tbh. We get closer and closer everyday and she's one that I love to death with all my heart. There's more but it's better not to go into detail.
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Top ten boy and or girl with best personalities?

well I will put this is no order; Boys; jahvon, Erick, samantar, Mahdi, abdirahman --> that's it for me. tbh.
Girls; amina, ifrah, nasra, Vivian, ramby, sahra, michelle, shantel, nimo, kyla
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What does the World know about the country you live in?

We have igloos, Justin Bieber was born here, we eat pancakes with maple syrup, we have RMCP and it's Canada
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