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why not ?? if you are my boss and i am ready to not taking any money from work just want you to humiliate me you think you may do that ??

Again, no.

You could block me, your daughters father, the man who stayed by your side threw real pain…but you couldn’t block your own jealous insecurities.

Don’t have a daughter so 🙃

if you are my boss at work you think you can humiliate me and make me clean your shoes ??

I am a boss at work and that’s an abuse of power.

what would you do if you Found out a child wasn't yours

Not sure how that’s possible since I have to give birth…?

If someone wanted to pay for the best hackers to hack into your partner's phone for you and show you everything, would you say yes?

No? I have the password to his phone. Why do I need hackers ?


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