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Do you like El Pollo Loco? I had it for lunch. I had the chicken bowl and it was delicious! And I had a diet coke with it cause they don’t serve Coke Zero at that one. Also tomorrow I’m going to the Pro Bowl team practices tomorrow! I’m pretty excited considering 4 Raiders made it! Am I rambling ?

mexicanzebra5’s Profile PhotoLETS GO DODGERS!!
but how do you feel about the new taste of the coke zero?

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A stranger is coming over to your house. You have time to hide only one thing to avoid embarrassment. What is it?

i don’t have embarrassing items in my home
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4 whole days ago. aren't you thirsty?

monday i didn’t feel good.
tuesday our youngest slept with us because he was sick.
wednesday i got home late because i had a lash appointment.
life happens. we’re fine.
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Why are Virgo men so stingy with their money? I definitely know some, and it's not that they couldn't afford certain things - they can, they just don't want to. They'd rather buy something that's $60 instead of buying something BETTER for $100. Life is about living handsomely. Money's just paper.

well okay
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I mean, being....not attractive didn't get in the way of you getting married, so why you upset

i’m not upset? i don’t care what you think of me


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