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Why do some people ghost others out of nowhere? First they seem eager to get to know someone and then they take a 180 and decide they want nothing to do with them, sometimes in a matter of seconds…

Why is irrelevant. Don't take it personal. Everyone is searching for what they feel is best for them. If they've changed their mind about whether or not you fit into that equation we should be supportive of folks. Move on is the best advice I can give. And wish them the best.

How do I conquer a shy and antisocial person like you 😘♥️

I'm not shy. But the way to my antisocial ass is great conversation

Why is it easy to die but hard to live

Death requires nothing from us. Living requires intention and effort.

During random times, do you smirk at past moments??...

Na. I rarely intentionally think of the past. Too busy living in the present.

What's love?

For me it's an action and a feeling. Love is being aware of one's faults, and choosing to love despite them. And sometimes one can even find those "faults" endearing. Love is honest, kind, generous, loyal, fun, exciting, funny, thoughtful, and rewarding.

Keep me out of your drama. Thanks

Easy. I don't involve myself in drama. Haven't in years. I'm a grown woman. I don't move that way.


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