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For some reason, i ship You/Amber (since she is based on you xD) with Gordon Ramsay xdd

Well, we share a similar style for being a fucking savage with everyone, just for the fun of trolling xDDD
I approve this!

That's clever, really clever :o. I should start name characters like that

You need to give me 50$ per character named like that e.e

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What´s the "trick" in Kcalb, Etihw, Emalf and Reknoc names?

Read them backwards:
Kcalb= Black
Etihw= White
Emalf= Flame
Reknoc= Conker

For kcalb.. What do you think about your creator?

Creator? dont make me laugh, im the creator and destroyer of everything!
Begone before i kill you, scum!

*Aisha punches Amber*

-It was worth it *Evil laugh*
(Oh yeah, and its pretty obvious but: Amber could kill Aisha if she wanted :v)

Dime dime: te han hecho la cobra alguna vez?

¿El típico evitar un beso por "Trolleo"? Bueno, con un alto nivel de timidez se cuando podría incomodar a mi pareja. Así que no xD

About elevator?

He can go fuck himself (?)
Ok no. He's such a bro and is a reliable friend, he offten lends me a hand in the characters desing.
But ever since he started triying to take Amber as waifu....i hate him (?)

What do you think about siesta?ouo

I greatly respect her. She does magic with the piano and also singing, i fellin love with her work in "This Hell of Mine" and was also the first i could call "friend" Oh and also.... she doesn't treat me like a kid just for being the youngest.... I really REALLY appreciate that

What do you think about Kendomax? I've heard he is a really handsome guy e.e

He's cool i guess. I offten share with him any new ideas or some evil plot to destroy the world. But i think he really needs helps with his waifus e.e

Is there anyone in the forums you dont like? I mean, 3 years there, you must have meet someone like that

Nope, Lacrima has one of the best communities i ever seen. Everyone is respecful with each other and act in a mature way most of the time.

Question. Who is Amber mother? i mean, she needs to be a little crazy to fall in love with a Demon 0_O

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Who knows? some brave human. MAYBE one day you will know the truth.


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