Ask @LordConker10000:

Del 1 al 10, ¿Cuánto me extrañan en Twinoid? :3

Bueno, no me conecto ya mucho en twinoid, salvo una que otra vez para ver que tal están las cosas. 0 diría yo...
Ok no, 8, tu partida ha desvalanceado todo y ahora hay mas subnormalidad.

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What supercool connections have you made through the Internet?

Everyone in Lacrima Empire. Maybe some in Twinoid but most of them are gone by now

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Just out of curiosity: Is there any food you like the most?

I do not know if you consider it food, but I love anything sweet. Candies, ice cream and especially chocolate.

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For some reason, i ship You/Amber (since she is based on you xD) with Gordon Ramsay xdd

Well, we share a similar style for being a fucking savage with everyone, just for the fun of trolling xDDD
I approve this!

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