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Primea best waifu

You, random reader best pedophile

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Thou shalt not answer this

Ok then... *Le ligthing bolt*

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How can you hate tomatoes, but love ketchup?

Ketchup was given to us by the Gods, it uses some rare breed of tomatoes.

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Del 1 al 10, ¿Cuánto me extrañan en Twinoid? :3

Bueno, no me conecto ya mucho en twinoid, salvo una que otra vez para ver que tal están las cosas. 0 diría yo...
Ok no, 8, tu partida ha desvalanceado todo y ahora hay mas subnormalidad.

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Conker, next year you revive this, please answer.

What supercool connections have you made through the Internet?

Everyone in Lacrima Empire. Maybe some in Twinoid but most of them are gone by now

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I will revive this with my necromancy skills.

*Zombie noises*

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But Tomatoes are good for your skin D:

A pretty skin will not make me a better writer, nor a better fighter.

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Who was your idol when you were growing up?

I forgot: is there any food you don't like?

I hate tomatoes, it's the greatest aberration humanity has ever known

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Just out of curiosity: Is there any food you like the most?

I do not know if you consider it food, but I love anything sweet. Candies, ice cream and especially chocolate.

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I watch you while you're taking a shower

So it's not the shower that gets wet when I bathe? Interesting, very interesting.

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Conker, why do you always let your ask die?

Because is the cycle of life.

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Finally, it will happen e.e

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wil y' keep acting like Emalf o:o?

Of course. 'll be sure to beat ya senseless.

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Conker-sama we miss you

Dude, i need to study, so i shall be the mustard in my mustard Sanwich

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How captain falcon is so strong?

lel skroob. Do u` even F-zero dude?

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I challenge you to talk like Emalf for a whole day!

Bring it on: y'all ready for this?

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One banana...

Two bananas, Three bananas.
Three bananas for me.

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Amber`s theme is megalovania e.e

I dont like Megalovania at all... But it really suits her

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Favorite magic attack?


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Where does your "Engrish" come from?

From Fawful, a great character from Mario and Luigi RPG's

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[Inserte Crobat salvaje aquí]


For some reason, i ship You/Amber (since she is based on you xD) with Gordon Ramsay xdd

Well, we share a similar style for being a fucking savage with everyone, just for the fun of trolling xDDD
I approve this!

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