Ask @LordConker10000:

How would a Imperial fußsoldat fare against the kingdom Ogres?

The Imperial would fare decently, their weaponry is effective against human targets, but has problems penetrating the thick skin that some monsters have, so they must rely on support from the mech units. If they wish to live, they should keep their distance and take cover until the reinforcements arrive.

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Long live the kingdom! You know, I thought your favorite would be the Empire

I love the empire, it is only a little behind the kingdom for many reasons, but they are a faction that I adore.
Especially its characters, who are in my opinion, the best of all factions.
Special mention for our beloved protagonist Emilia, who has been the character that I have most enjoyed developing so far

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Out of the factions so far, wich its your favorite?

Good question, I have enjoyed creating each of these fations, but if there is one that stands out is the Kingdom of Legalia.
Not only its lore was very entertaining to write, its military is probably the best part.
The Ediwyr Empire could be the home of the protagonist and have its amazing mech units.
The Dreidan Republic might have its advanced tanks and powerful artillery.
But nothing beats an army of beastmen, deploying Golems, Ogres, Dragons and much more to bring chaos to the enemy lines. There has been nothing more fun to write than battles where the kingdom mops the floor with its enemies

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