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What prayer has God answered for you recently?

God answered with helping me become closer to Him; to trust in Him more, leaning not on my own understanding, praying everyday, spending time with Him, praying for others, etc.

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Can you pray for my womb? My husband and I have been trying for a baby for a year and 4 months with no luck. The heartache gets worse each time. Thank you🙏

May the Lord bless you with a child. 💖 Praying for you, sis! The Lord loves and cares about you. Hope you will find comfort in Him no matter the outcome!

How do you manage a heartbreak? I’m here just trying not to cry but it’s difficult not to.

Cry as much as you need to nothing wrong with it
You just gotta get through even if it hurts
You'll be okay

So lately I've been tired and today I was nauseous and here and there I've had heartburn I just had my period June 1st. And took a pregnancy test its negative. What is wrong with me lol

Could be stress, migraine, just period symptoms..


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