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My friend is judging me for doing OF, saying it might ruin my reputation. Is she just jealous?

She's right and you're absolutely wrong. It'll ruin your reputation and no one will take you seriously

Is it normal for me to drink 20-30 cans of diet coke a day?

Definitely not. Sounds like an addiction

Got a girl pregnant by accident and I don't wanna pay child support and I really don't want a kid so is there a way I can just avoid the problem altogether or what?

Man up and take responsibility. Next time, keep it in your pants instead of giving in to temptation. Be there for your kid.

Job suggestions that don't require a degree

Fast food joints, clothing stores, can be a janitor, etc

Why do so many people have bad teeth? Don't get me wrong, I understand dental care isn't something anyone can afford. I get that but tooth paste and brush do not cost a fortune? like, use it regularly, lest you wanna lose all your teeth by the time you're 40 and end up with dentures like old people.

Certain illnesses can cause bad teeth regardless if someone brushes their teeth or not.

In 20 years old and still buy stuffed animals for myself. I know this is strange but I’d like to think I’m not the only one.

I'm 25 and have stuffed animals. Nothing wrong with it at all


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