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Your motherfuckers are stupid. Why am fucking bother asking anybody shit do you motherfuckers eat turds

By the sound of it ALL the only turd in sight is YOU

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I ask directly, so I like this girl I have for six months they ignore me because I was scammed by someone with their name now they hate me. Is there anything I can do?

But why do they hate you exactly? Dependant on that I can give you proper advice from my perspective

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So there’s this person I really like I have for six months they know it but they rejected it in every way, but I think they think about it is there anything I can do if I reach out they don’t respond and your opinion what can I do?

I would say just reach out, you showing up with straight up facts might make them reconsider. Was there anything you did? Something that could have affected the communication to begin with? How did yall start talking? All of these things matter

What keeps you going

Love, when I was full of rage All I could see was ending it all. Until I remembered that beautiful feeling inside that had carried me alive since my childhood, one that I procreate from within, regardless if others share it back or not. Love will always save you. Love is your guardian angel. Love is your spirit guide. We all come from LOVE ❤️

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Do you, sleep with your closet doors open or closed?

I sleep in the closet, therefore I become the boogie man #CheckMate 🥸🥹

Tell me did I really make u happy n u really wanted to rebuild…. How do u rebuild with no communication meeting somewhere n talking feeling eachother out again I don’t understand

Exactly... reach out, feel it out, meet up, be real, if you go in to it with an energy of being afraid then guess what's gonna happen... the worst ever possible, so it's better to know than to live a life assuming shit that only gets you hurt at the end of the day, trust me people appreciate straight uppness lol but make sure you ain't giving your heart to a playa feel cuz that's where everyone be messing up.

Yea well I miss u too. It hasn’t got me newhere tho

Silence is a choice, keep it going and that will be the future of that relationship... yall gotta be brave man

Yes it is u told me that’s wat U wanted was space

And have you reached out them to see if it's gonna get resolved?? Cuz this be confusing AF... if o feel this way imagine how yall feel just by not Communicating straight up... feel me?


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