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Have you ever received or given flowers? 💐✨

princessxbunnii_’s Profile PhotoBb Bunni
I've given a lot of flowers, one time across the world to a friend that was having a bad time. And I've actually been given flowers once

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How do y'all get rid anxiety while driving cause I be scared and nervous fr also I get nervous taking my driving test idk why tho

leebexley2’s Profile PhotoBexley Lee
Practice. After a while the vehicle just becomes an extension of yourself, it becomes instinctual. Some people just shouldn't drive though. 😅

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Frankly, do you often give attention and care more than you receive it or is it the other way around? What do you prefer?

Grace_Elias’s Profile Photoنـعـمـة
Yes I always give more attention and care than I receive. And I have a couple friends who always remind me to stop 😅 but that's just who I'll always be
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Is it wrong to love a friend more than your family or a family member and put that friend before them? Why?

Grace_Elias’s Profile Photoنـعـمـة
I see it this way: if it's your child, they come first, if it's someone who lovingly cared for you, they are second, but that can include anyone, not just blood relatives. My "family" includes only those who deserve the title. Blood doesn't matter when they hurt you, when they ruin your life. They don't get to be family anymore. My friends come before any blood that turned their backs or abused me.
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Do you often ask yourself philosophical questions like why are we here, what is conscious and what is sentience? or do you find them boring meaningless and useless?

Grace_Elias’s Profile Photoنـعـمـة
I've always questioned the world around me and will continue to do so until I die
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What's an unforgivable mistake in your opinion?

Grace_Elias’s Profile Photoنـعـمـة
One that you've made more than enough times to know better than to repeat, particularly if it is out of purely selfish intent and even more if that mistake hurts others
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What if this app exists because the government is trying to track our innermost thoughts and questions about society and this simulation we call “Life”, thus preventing us from formulating an idea of how things actually work? 🧐

mayaembers1’s Profile Photoxoxoxo
Too late, Google already owns marketing rights on my soul
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Have you ever let a friend barrow some clothes, and they never give them back?😬

BritneyIsBack’s Profile PhotoOBII SHIINOBII
No but I borrowed a skirt from my friend's girlfriend so we could go to the gas station for snacks and I loved it so much I kept it.

Please describe your best friend

GlindaBells’s Profile PhotoTemptation Station
My best friend is the most fiercely loyal and devoted friends I've had
in my life. She's incredibly intelligent and insightful and always supporting everything I do. She's passionate about her likes and dislikes and is one of the most troubled, honest and beautiful souls I've ever known.

What's a common question that you hate? 🤔 mine is "are you single?" 🤌

BritneyIsBack’s Profile PhotoOBII SHIINOBII
What's your favorite color?
Do you love someone?
How old are you?
Are you boy or girl?
Like so many 😅

•Have you ever noticed the "Rashomon effect" on certain memories while you're looking back at them with others? + do you trust your memory?

Absolutely, I see it all the time. I don't trust my memories but they are all I have in most cases, or the memories of others, which I can only trust as much as my own. Reality is perception, for sure.


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