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please know that while I won't be here for a while, I never stopped loving you. and I never will stop. I am here for you just as I said I would be from day one. that won't change, ever.

Why are you anon?

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You don’t think for one second I actually had real love for you? I never did. You wanted pussie that was all. That’s why I let you go

I'm not gay

The trap you laid for me is now your own 😂 I’m watching you on here be a bipolar loser over a woman, little girl rather. Aren’t you grown or is that what you portray ?

What in the actual 🤬 are yu on???

Why would you tell somebody that you’re willing to talk, but then you don’t? Just stupid. Lol

Why are yu anon? Stupid is stupid does!

Does love come first or does trust come first?

If there's a reason to not trust then love shouldn't be involved no matter how much yu love someone they can still break yu down emotionally

Is crying okay or it’s for the weak & losers?

It's ok to cry sometimes we need ourselves more than anything

Seriously tho, I'll trade song suggestions all day, I love hearing what others are listening to... the music someone plays says so much about where they are emotionally

twiztid_freak’s Profile PhotoLexi May
Exactly! Yu see it the way I do I love music

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