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Excuse me miss? i saw u on this girls page her name is jesse and saw u both interacting i was wondering if u were her friend or jus a random person talkin cause im trying to contact her but she isnt answering im sorry im jus worried and trying every lead i can remember..

Yes she's a very kind hearted person that's been through alot so being that yu are a stranger I can't give yu anything unless I know who yu are is there any message I can pass? Sorry just can't trust anybody on this app hope yu understand

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Hey Ma, so i guess you now have the full truth as ugly as it is can you do me a favor? keep looking out for paul i shouldn't of ever intruded on his life or bothered him but i thank you for your help in getting us to talk and im sorry for the troubles i caused, you're a good person so is paul thanku

Heyy,, I know yu probably feel like yu were a bother but thats not exactly the case so dont feel like that, yu were there to help when he really needed it right at the moment his life took that turn so as his friend I want to thank yu myself for being straight up with him also bc yur a good person too and if I can ever help in any possible way count on it!

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I need to learn to let him go. But I’ve gotten so attached that I don’t know how. I knew this day would come. Was just hopping it wouldn’t have been so soon

It will only hurt yu more to hold on, one thing yu need to learn is the reason why yu need to let go if that makes sense
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I just want to know how are you, an of course if u are okay or don’t wanna (of course you don’t have to call me , I don’t like talking through phone) i will make my own life an forgetting u is hard, but since it is really hard to do it, I wanted to have u as the friends we were, plz know I miss u❤️

Want me tell him for yu?

I struggled a lot with depression throughout my life...dealing with mental, emotional, and physical abuse...I always feel so alone... All I've ever wanted was love and to finally feel safe....I always attract people who trick me into thinking they want to love me...and end up hurting me more...idk

Maybe your looking at the wrong people and turn down the one that will give you the world

please know that while I won't be here for a while, I never stopped loving you. and I never will stop. I am here for you just as I said I would be from day one. that won't change, ever.

Why are you anon?

The trap you laid for me is now your own 😂 I’m watching you on here be a bipolar loser over a woman, little girl rather. Aren’t you grown or is that what you portray ?

What in the actual 🤬 are yu on???
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