Ask @Mavrab:

You ever had a person who knows everything about you but they're not in your life anymore and something happens & u just wanna tell them )):

Not really to be honest .
But as a suggestion ,which I know you didn't ask for , I would say "What the heck , text that person up and go on with the details" .
It's okay to make stupid decision . I believe you should do what you want to do otherwise you keep on thinking about that shit and it really gets on your nerves. Well it does get on mine 😂

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what will you do if u have to leave a person without letting him know the reason because you are not akkowed to say it?

Well if you're putting me in this position then First of all I would never agree on "not telling the person why in doing this" .
Cause I know better than anyone that a reason for someone's action holds an immense importance in my life. Cause it's wrong and unfair to him . He at least deserves a reason .

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How about if we start a new business import export ? Benefits of cpec I can send you some peshawar made stethoscopes and other medical equipment :p waisay i bet even peshawar made is still better than made in china Why they made such low quality stuff ?

Geez I don't know . Meray Chachay ka China tw hai nahi Jo Mujhy Pata ho 😂
But you can't survive without China stuff !

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