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Tw)I messed up again, I don't want to keep doing this anymore, I don't have any1 who means anything to me around, I can't speak to any1 who deserves to listen. It feels like my lungs are being held and no air wants to stay in, again. I hate this so much. But nooo, stay alive keep going, fuck!!! man.

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Still on this long winding road and it seems like there’s no escape, and it feels like your trapped in this emptiness huh? And life just keeps beating you down and you can’t get back up… so you just want to give up! But listen you have got to keep going! I believe in you. Your life isn’t over yet. Life will get better but you have got to be strong and hold on! Keep going and never stop

My mom is against me joining the military as either a medic or interpreter. She says that’s not what she raised me to be even though she wants me to be a doctor. My grandpa likes the idea and my dad says that I should do what makes me happy, I want to do it. I just don’t want to disappoint anyone.

You are the sailor of your ship, you do what you want to do and let no one get in your way

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What one thing would you do to change the world?

If I did one thing to change the world it would be to motivate and encourage people with depression and suicidal thoughts to keep moving forward and never give up!
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Why does everyone keep repeating questions or words, it's a bit boring and weeeird..

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Idk and it is kinda weird isn’t it lmao

hi <3 not sure if you need this today but i just want to remind you just how wonderful you are! -zach

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Thanks you that is really nice and same for you I hope you have a wonderful day!

I have best friend who won’t allow me to follow his girlfriend on Instagram (her acc is private). I followed her before and he told her to remove me as a follower. He even got angry with me when he saw that I followed her. He also told her not to follow me. What does this mean?

That means that he is scared that you are more handsome or better then him (your bsf) and that you could take his gf away from him

How do I make my waist smaller any yt videos yk that work

I’ve been trying to get my waist smaller too but idk any good yt videos

What Us state should i go to?

West Virginia with all the beautiful nature and such a peaceful state

Is my high school junior year schedule manageable? -AP English 11, AP biology (I got an A in honors biology), honors precalc, honors physics, regular US history, orchestra, medical interventions (I was told this has more labs and In class work than homework), full year study hall

Man that’s a really crazy schedule, I go into junior year next year and cannot wait

Stop asking me if I have Snapchat... I don’t!! I don’t care for it.

Sc is like my life but whatever floats your boat tho

عمري ما شوفته ولا قابلته ، وياما ياما شاغلنى طيفه🌿❤️"



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