Ask @NicolaxPayne:

is it true your brother is to stupid to use a condom?"?!?!?!?! grandma cole is pregnant @DaddyLiamPayno dont do this to us!!!!!!!!!!!

Excuse me hun, but you haven't any right to talk like that about my brother!
you should not believe everything you read, Liam is a good and clever boy and cheryl is still married and in the middle of their divorce and is working on a new solo album, so please do not spread rumors! Thank you xxxx

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what does liam mean to you?

I love him to death, I have a great relationship with him even though that sometimes we fight of course :P. But he is really sweet and does everything to make me happy :)
Sometimes he acts like a child just to make me feel better, or when I am not in a good mood he always tries to be there for me and support me. I am really glad to have him and he will always be our little baby boy @DaddyLiamPayno😊😘

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