Ask @NoWhiteGuilt:

How would you respond to anti-Whites who try to separate being European from being White?

Lusitanian Promethean
Do you mean the antiwhites claim that anyone born in the land called Europe is European? If so, you can correct them by saying that Europe is not a place, it is a people – Westernkind. It exists in the world because it exists in us. If whites displaced the Japanese in Japan, would Japan still be Japan? Would whites represent a continuation of the Japanese people and culture? Would whites create Japanese culture - moving forward - the same way that the Japanese would have?

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NWG, I would like to find out how to read your other book and visit you as discussed with Woes and mentioned in Go Free which I just finished. Thank you for your work.

Joseph Quinn
Thank you for purchasing and reading Go Free. I hope you consistently apply the tools therein. My Next book, Born Guilty, will be made available in the next few months. I will have a link to it from my website,, and I will be talking about it on my YouTube channel as well as my other social media platforms.

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High school junior here. By 'semi-heterodox' I mean not necessarily the student body, but the professors (this view being derived from my research, and the research of Jonathan Haidt). I am interested in the fields of econ and history. Ultimately, my purpose is the service of my nation and family.

You will have quite a few opportunities in your professional life if you stick with econ. The history taught at your prospective university - even with a diversity of views - is largely going to reflect the Antiwhite Narrative. I do not write that to dissuade you from studying history but to prepare you. If your goal is white wellbeing, both fields can help to effectuate that end. We need credentialed historians to propagate historical truth and vindicate our people. But we also need savvy people who can serve the economic side of our struggle: growing and maximizing the finances with which we wage our struggle for white wellbeing. Please feel free to write again, and I look forward to the great contributions you will make in the future.

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I am a high school junior with my current path being set toward attendance at an elite and semi-heterodox American university. You, being someone who I find to be intelligent, wise, and blunt, are someone I would be intent on listening to give their thoughts on the aggregate benefit of attendance.

The benefits of attendance are dependent on your objectives and the context. When you say semi-heterodox, you are speaking about the zeitgeist on campus? Tell me more about you. In what field(s) are you interested? Do you have the patience to give the profs what they want to hear in your assignments, even when it is not the truth or fair for our people?

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