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Do you have any regrets my love? 🥱🙄

Life ain't living with regrets and seeing one struggle ain't worth the trouble if they don't love everything about it. Love them equal is all I can say. Even if it means they gotta be put away.

Will you go out with me????!!!

How dare you ask a question like that. I always go out and haven't seen you and if I have of course I would just like Uhm let me tell you about a song I made thinking about you and let's enjoy nature(go out) or say we see a movie. Oh well. I live in New England and will make my moves as I do and have met many very lovely people.

Watch what you're saying on shoutout. There are children here, you disgusting creeps

When I signed up I was under the impression it was meant for 18+

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Do you consider yourself attractive ?

Well I mean. I am a. Chronic masturbator so that must mean something.
I'm getting there.

It’s not chill or cute it’s scary. I feel like I’m being watched and he’s weird and scares me

Watched or not you are not seen. You can be without worrying. As the owl I prey only to give guidance to those that can't survive lonely. And ok vice versa but sworn to never hurt family.

If a spouse has a one night stand do you forgive them?

It depends that's why some couples have a hall pass or ticket of forgiveness. Otherwise probably best to forgive and move on.

Keep ignoring me and see what you will get next .

Hey. You need to know if you try to hurt someone it will come back to you and if not. They allow you to. Be grateful and if they are ignoring you maybe they want you to move on to someone new.

How do you know who to trust?

Empathy and energy helps otherwise you don't or even if you do some will disguise lie and all that so play stupid but cautious. Also there's a deep connection that will let you know but to understand it is on you.

Favorite energy drink?

Four Loko but not sure if they put caffeine in them anymore since people be foolish dying from em so either Celsius or True North.

Would you pass a lie detector test to prove you’re faithful to your partner?

Of course but machines can't be trusted cause of the way they work

Males only why would you sit and watch a woman struggle and be ok with that?

Struggle is as one wants it to be. The only thing we can do is struggle with you and that shit takes a toll on thy heart.

Love isnt about 'physical' features. Its about support for one another as much as possible.

Agreed and support is more mental than physical in fact sex is like fighting with anothers body internally.

What jobs have good liars?

Depends. Cause as far as I know if one don't like their job but pretend to they are kinda a liar.

Oh you think your life's hard? Try being a retail worker and being forced to listen to Taylor Swift on repeat

Just because she makes sound come out of her mouth through the radio don't mean you are forced to listen to her.

There's a girl at my work i really like, and i can't stop thinking about her. I really really want to ask her out, but I'm afraid of the answer. what should i do?

Not be afraid of the answer no matter what it may be.

“you’ll never find someone like me again” if i find someone like you, i’m running

There is many like you we just get better at avoiding if we don't want what you are offering.

I am the smartest man to ever exist and there is no one I can’t trick

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Trickery is for the dumb. Fun is for the smart. From the looks of it. You've been hit in the face and head to much but I'm guessing you are a troll.

Why do you hate me?

Hate is a necessary component to balance life as we know it. So rather instead of call it hate be aware cautious and steady. Some may act upon it others grow and let it go.


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