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you dont even know whats coming because fornicating abortionists materializing unclassifiable egocentricities gastrointestinal immunodeficiency conceptualizations representativeness counterinsurgencies multidimensionalities antidisestablishmentarianism sphenopalatineganglioneuralgia

Are those even real words

truth is yea i know im mean to you in class sometimes oops sorry but i actually love you youre hilarious but youre leaving next year and that makes me extremely sad plz dont. stfub❤️ rate 10

lucas dawson
Aw love you Lucas I'll miss seeing you every day❤️❤️❤️ af
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long truth is: I met you this year and you are so funny in science and we have the best lab table ever and you are really funny and fun to make jokes at but you take them like a pro and don't cry and some how are always able to talk to lucas and I after each class but your a homie

shane cobb
Thanks Shane I guess you're funny too but you're mean and I hate you
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