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Im feeling a lil apathetic here..are we suppose to feel sorry for you? Give us a reason (or lie)

what a dumbass question

Let your pet pass naturally or put them be put to sleep? If they are not showing signs of pain rather just old n slow and a few accidents on floor?

depends on how many things were tried. dying of old age should be natural

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Do you believe in Tarot Readings?

tarot works best as a reflection practice and not as a fortune teller

You can't even take the time to read the messages. You never cared about me. You did use me.

you're so right dawg

Hey I'm praying for you and I'll always be here if you need me for anything. Like I said. I stayed solid and will continue to do so. You just played yourself out of a real one whole time you thought you were playin me. And I still have nothing but love for you. And honestly it's for life

me when i stay solid
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I don't understand what I did I am not going to sift through the Sea of people trying to figure out which one you are if you care about me you'll get a hold of me I am too weak and feel way too bad to sit here and look through things you must hate me that makes me very sad I don't know what I did?


I hate falling asleep, because when I wake up your still not there... That's worse than any nightmare I've ever experienced....

shit dude that's crazy


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