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It's so hot rn but I wanna go to the beach. Don't know why but just getting the urge to do that. All the summer feels. Anyone up to come with me?

mishitachan’s Profile Photoかもな
Well..... I'll come but that depends on what you'd wear on the beach😂😂😂

What kind of computer knowledge do you possess...be it anything?.

deysurasree2001’s Profile PhotoSurasree ✔️
It weighs around 1.2-1.3 kg the processor is really fast, has good retain capacity especially picture of girls, gives witty responses drawbacks is it gets distracted easily. I bought this computer the day i came into this world 😂

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Is it okay to develop a crush on a guy who is already taken?

Yeah yeah....of course you'd be giving him extra love.... he'd be lucky😂

Do you think, long distance relationship will work?

kiranmallick5’s Profile PhotoKiran
Yeah....it does and it's good since it adds two more people on both sides😂


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