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Should you trust a girl, if she stops taking her birth control or been without out contraception for a while. Is that gently a good sign, that she wants a baby or doesn't care if she get pregnant?

wrap it up homie, she plottin.
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Mac Miller just passed. There are people blaming Ariana Grande. Do any of you agree that it was her fault? I'm trying to see something.

plussize_kna’s Profile PhotoKySoul
nah. shit just happens.

Do you believe ppl who break up can get back together n stay together? Y or why not?

depends. takes two to work a relationship, if one ain't feeling it, don't waste ya time.

I like a girl that doesn't know me and i haven't really interacted with her, what should i do?

Interact with her and tell her you like her. If she don't like you, too bad. it's "Thank you, next."

What’s your favorite dessert?

Cookies, cakes, icecream, chocolates!!!, donuts, really just anything sweet.


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