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Life is most meaningless your money is worth nothing

Let me share what a friend mentioned when we were in group therapy 3 Period
Yes, life is as meaningless as a blank sheet of canvas but it doesn't mean that we're hopeless. We have a canvas (life) and a couple of tools such as color pencils, paint and so on (passions, talents, skills, education). Use them to create your own distinct portrait. I guess, our purpose in life is to find one. Each canbas is unique, may be similar but never identical. So, try to avoid comparing oneself with others because our priorities differ. Some chase after wealth, some choose peace etc. Surround yourself with those aligned with yours and once in a while, challenge yourself with those who don't for a different set of perspectives. Watch how you grow.

What do you think is needlessly expensive? 😒💲 (Try and come up with things that aren't expensive cause of world events, such as gas)

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
To be fair, the whole concept of paying is so logical yet so weird to me.
We’re literally the only species on this planet that pays to live. It gives us many opportunities, but also many boundaries.
Thinking this way, nothing is needlessly expensive. But to give a more fun answer I’d have to say houses, cars and education because it takes many men, hours and research to create and maintain these and they’re also expensive and in need to get paid.
With expensive I don’t mean too expensive of course, but I feel like it’s normal to pay quite a lot of money for these things.
What do you think is needlessly expensive  Try and come up with things that

When was the last time you spend money on things that make you happy? What was it?

Masa PBAKL, beli buku ni.
Recently beli handmade resin keychain and bookmark 💅🤍
Bag tu pun one of the happiness tapi tak include sebab orang sponsor, tak guna duit sendiri hshshshs 🦭💗
When was the last time you spend money on things that make you happy What was it

Talk about your best friend ❤️

My best friend and I, have a money laundering in common xDDD
This is the kind of relationship is ours, and with no matter happens we'll end up in the same space
Talk about your best friend
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Pro-life or pro-abortion doesn't matter to me. I take responsibly for my actions. If I don't want a baby I take the pill and use a condom.. If I want a child I go off birth control. You are special needs aren't you?

Are you not seeing the problem????
The bigger picture
Women’s rights are stripped away.
They are thinking about taking away birth control // AND OR you’ll have to pay more money

why parents are often too much controlling ?

waleedbutt465’s Profile PhotoWaleed.
Because they literally own you unlike any other person in the world. 🌚
Not all parents are alike. Some won’t say a word and let their child do whatever. Too much of love can spoil your child obviously. They need to know what is acceptable and what’s not, since a young age.
Other parents never realise the fact that their child is a living breathing human too and after childhood they can not impose their own likes and dislikes and choices on them. Once they’re an adult, they’ll have their own pattern of lifestyle which can be influenced by their upbringing but not by them anymore. 🤷🏻‍♀️
I know what parents do is out of concern for their children but they too can go over board with it. Too much concern, too much possessiveness, even too much of love and care cuts out the breathing space for the other.
Nobody wants to write an essay of why they’re just feeling low. You’re human you’re allowed to have both happy and sad days. “Bas esy hi” needs to be enough you can’t always explain ku? Kis liye? The concept of “Personal space” does not exist within desis. Be it from parents side, be it from family, be it from siblings, be it for spouses. Let a person breatheeeee.
You can’t always possibly know what goes through someone else’s mind. It’s not possible so why tire yourself and them with the stupid questions?
Then comes the category of parents who can’t accept the fact that it’s their child who has to marry someone not them. So they don’t get to choose. Theak hai shit happens but where does it say shit won’t happen if your parents are picking someone for you? Ffs beauty and money isn’t everything. I’d never say it does not matter. Ofc it does but it’s not the sole criteria to settle down. Parents normally don’t give a shit about vibes and mental connection and I don’t think you can spend a lifetime with someone without it unless Ofc you just want to enjoy their status or literally only bow down to their looks which is more than common here. Pathetic honestly
The only problem parents and anyone who loves you have is not keeping a healthy balance.
If it’s control and possessiveness out of love it’s, over the board like the other person is an idiot and can’t live their life without it.
If it’s freedom and letting them have their space that too is overboard to the point they have children involved in all sort of evil and they still accept them. Just like women often stay back with cheating husbands lol.
They’re both stupid!
A healthy balance is needed which I don’t see anywhere honestly. It’s an absolute chaos out there. Crazy how you can be blinded by love to the point you’re hurting yourself or them.

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Would you date a celebrity? Why? Why not?

nah. I don't like to attract attention at all. Even when more than 50 people read my blog or leave a lot of positive comments on my work, no hаte; I start to pаnic. It's a lot of prеssure. That's why I'm still here - I like the anonymity of the ask. Ari has a good song bout it, btw...
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=oRcXOnLkM7A&feature=emb_titlegwen_lo’s Video 170322848496 oRcXOnLkM7Agwen_lo’s Video 170322848496 oRcXOnLkM7A
There is another reason.. I'm usually comfortable with my appearance and I can focus on mental work. But when I'm dating someone, I irratiоnally want to be perfect, like, 24/7. I start correcting fаr-fеtched flаws and pretending to be someone else all the time. Needless to say, it takes not only a lot of time and money, but also аnxiety appears - and this is the attention of only one person. Plus, it will definitely have a bаd effеct on my аbility to concеntrate.

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gwen_lo’s Video 170322848496 oRcXOnLkM7Agwen_lo’s Video 170322848496 oRcXOnLkM7A

Do you cut your own hair? How many times a year do you go to the hairdresser?

Yeah I cut my own hair. Last time I had my hair cut at a hairdresser was in 2011.
I also dye my own hair. It's really handy being able to do that stuff myself, as I save a lot of money. And also I like to dye my hair often, and unnatural colours usually fade super fast because they're only ever semi permanent. So if I had to have it redyed at a hairdresser, I'd be paying for that every 2 weeks at the rate it fades. That would add up haha.
If I wanted something more complex done with my hair, then I'd go to hairdressers of course though. Just haven't needed to in a long time.

Почему ты употребляешь ?

Потому В моей сумке целый алфавит
Ты знаешь эти буквы, а
Витамины, ты знаешь эти буквы, е
Витамины, ты знаешь эти буквы, а
Витамины, ты знаешь эти буквы, е
Витамины, ты знаешь эти буквы, а
Витамин D
Мне нужен чистый кальций
Мне нужен свежий магний
У меня первый первый
У тебя третий каждый
Закину витамины
На карту money кинул
Мне мало половины
Мы дети витамина Е
В моей сумке целый алфавит
Ты знаешь эти буквы
Витамины, ты знаешь эти буквы, е
Витамины, ты знаешь эти буквы, а
Витамины, ты знаешь эти буквы, е
Витамины, ты знаешь эти буквы, а
Витамин D
Мне нужен мощный бит, мой ужин компливит
Здоровый аппетит, и по утрам стоит
Пей Глицин Ретинол, протеин токоферол
В моих венах кислота, аскорбин и рок-н-ролл
В моей сумке целый алфавит
Ты знаешь эти буквы
F*ck off
Витамины, ты знаешь эти буквы, е
Витамины, ты знаешь эти буквы, а
Витамины, ты знаешь эти буквы, е
Витамины, ты знаешь эти буквы, а
Витамин D

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What is the husband in your head like?

He’s really funny, we have the same sense of humor. Extremely handsome & has a super square head like me. A super sweet romantic that pays attention to all the little things about me & just wants to spoil me rotten. He just wants me to stay at home while he makes all the money. Theres not a subject we can’t talk about either - we talk about all ends of the universe. Really good family values & boundaries. Just a pure boy.
(This person actually exists, we just aren’t married yet.)

Hab ich das zeug zum rapper? hier eine kleine Kostprobe von meiner single „Goldwert“ Ey ey ey ya, jede menge money und Muschis besitz ich fahre mit dem benz durch die City baby willst du mit dann steig ein dann mach ich dich zur Queen von 101 nacht denn dein herz ist goldwert

Ist nicht mein Style, daher kann ich nix qualitatives dazu sagen. Sich 2020 aber noch mit "Muschis" und Benz 🤣🤣🤣zu schmücken ist halt so sehr Boomer, das es schon fast CSU sein könnte.

Don't u think it's all about whose flaws we choose to ignore and whose we don't ?

dictator_1059’s Profile PhotoThought snatcher
Totally, a guy with good face and alot of money can flirt with you and he'll be cute but if same thing will be done by someone who has somewhat bad personality would be called a tharki/harsser. Lol

What do you think is needlessly expensive? 😒💲 (Try and come up with things that aren't expensive cause of world events, such as gas)

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I suspect that this question should be considered on the paradigm of the illusion (after all, price is a socially necessary illusion; price is not a property of a good, but the equivalent of the consumer’s relationship to a product).
In that case, I confess I don’t know what to say. on the one hand, the era of capitalism dictates unreasonably high prices for all things, but on the other hand, this is in its own way true even in terms of natural selection.
If you consider the price as the consumer’s attitude to the product (in this context, my attitude), then it is even more difficult for me to give a clear answer, because I do not like to spend money in principle. : ) Maybe, I'd like to make cheeper clothes, because I don't find fashion quiet important. From my point of view, this sphere is overrated.
Sorry for my English now, I'm a little sleepy.)

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Happy birthday. Sorry for the delay, but I did not realize it was your birthday. What did you do to celebrate you birthday?

Thank you so much! 🌼✨
My Khalu (who was like my guardian) met with a deadly accident that took his life when he was on his way to throw me a (supposedly) birthday party (planned with a bunch of my other family members.) Although he was on ventilator for 9 days but as per the medical reports & other calculations he died on the spot so my khala considers 13 as his death anniversary so I how can i celebrate on 13, i rather dine out & spend quality time with my mama (she deserves all the credit tbh) on 12th & that too very low key! I prefer donating that money, pampering myself & saving it too rather than splurging on people who'll forget everything later. And idk why but everyone takes horrible photos with cake or maybe I just hate those so I don't post anything regarding my birthday too.

Talk about a time you went above and beyond?

Looking at the transaction, the cashier hand-keyed it, but voided it, then scanned it again. However, the second and third instance rang the chicken up at the regular price (like, $5). Essentially, we charged this customer $250 for their $5 pack of chicken. Customer paid with a debit card. Actually tracking a customer down by their card isn't an easy process. However, I used another system to research every purchase they made in the last 60 days with that card in hopes of something that might be helpful. They purchased a hunting license a few days prior. I was able to pull the info from that hunting license. It was a younger girl (DOB was listed on the license, I think she was like 16). Pulled the video, confirmed the lady who paid for the chicken was the same who paid for this license. It was. So, I had a name. Asked around. Turns out this kid used to work for my wife. She gives me the number. I call this kid (and call her by her full name, including her middle name, which weirded her out a little) and asked about the person she was with the day she got the license. It was her mother. Awesome. I need her to call me at the store, we owe her some money. Her mom calls from work like 5 mins later. I explain everything and his lady is like "wow, I hadn't even noticed. My husband is with me, and when he's with me, he just throws extra stuff in the cart, so I didn't even catch how high the total was." Like, wow. I would have noticed. :D
Lady comes in, I verify it's the same lady from the video, check the last four on her debit card to compare it to the receipt, and process her a refund. I've had a few. My most recent one was being called up to Service Desk for a customer. He wanted a grill from L&G. I went over and found the grill (L&G associates didn't really care to help) which was up in the steel. I asked around and found the one person in the store who could use the walking stacker, and talked them into helping out (freight was more important to her). We get it down, and take it over to the register. The price I saw online when I looked on the app was cheaper, so I talked the L&G associate through how to price match online, then took the grill and accessories we picked out to the guys SUV, loaded up, and he went on his way. Before that it was one about this lady who needed some meats at about 9pm and nobody was around to help her. Supports and management weren't responding to my requests on walkie so I just dove into the meat cooler to find it. I came out and said I couldn't find it all but I would take one last look for her, went in and finally found the last thing she needed. She bought like $300 of meat (like she bought whole cases of meat). She said last time she was in a similar situation someone said if it's not in the shelf it's out and didn't help her, so she was pleased with me.

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In some restaurants there are robot waiters and tables through, which you can place orders from your table, without having to interact with another person, the point is that both suggest that you tip them, would you tip a robot or an electronic Apparatus? Why?

Definitely not worth it. I would tip people that need money to survive, that work their asses off to make some living out of a job. Not a stupid robot.
If I want to be waiters-free, I can just order via the QR code that most of the restaurants now can provide. Easy.

What do you think is needlessly expensive? 😒💲 (Try and come up with things that aren't expensive cause of world events, such as gas)

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Things that are needlessly expensive are:
- Healthcare
- Medicine
- Food
- Housing
- Education
- Cost of raising children
- War
- Death
- Life
- Marriage
- Divorce
Many people feel hopeless and are losing their will to live because life has become too expensive and there is an unfair and inequitable distribution of food, money, wealth and the necessities that are required to live above poverty and maintain your health and wellbeing.
Said differently, there are a few, less than 1% of the worlds population (ruling class and political class), at the top of the food chain who have accumulated vast and obscene wealth at the expense of 99% of the worlds population. This is inherently unfair, biased, inequitable, unjust, tyrannical, excessively greedy, cruel and inhumane.

Say you were an Elon Musk level billionaire, what'd you do with all that money? 🤑

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I’m gonna be honest, I have no idea who Elon Tusk (as said by Rick and morty) is 🤷‍♀️ However I’d probably, invest, give to charity, just try and do good with it and also give myself and my mom, stability and comfort.

"Where'd he take off ta?"

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀╱╱ ⠀⠀⠀⠀🍾【⠀ʟᴏʀᴅ ᴏꜰ ᴛʜᴇ ɴɪɢʜᴛ⠀】⠀⠀⠀╱╱
⠀ ❝Somebody owes him a lot of money, and went to collect it.❞
⠀ ❝I feel sorry for whoever that person is.❞

3/5: Is there something you really want, but cannot afford right now?

Not really. I think the days of me wanting things are pretty much done with. Over the years I have accumulated everything I need to keep my mind occupied and my hands busy. What's funny is when my family asks me what I want for my birthday or Christmas and I am literally at a loss for words. I prefer to see the money spent on me redirected to someone who is in need via donations or charity. The honest truth is that I have everything I need and I do not want for anything.

I fought the law and the law won.

I'm breakin' rocks in the hot sun
I fought the law and the law won
I fought the law and the law won
I needed money 'cause I had none (ahh)
I fought the law and the law won
I fought the law and the law won
I left my baby and I feel so bad (ahh)
I guess my race is run (ahh)
But she's the best girl I've ever had (ahh)
I fought the law and the law won (ahh)
I fought the law and the law won (ahh)

What if, being a selingkuhan But, you got all the attention that you need all this time. Attention, we don’t talk money. Just attention. What do you think? Will you take the chance, or not?

Mau semenyedihkan sekalipun hidup yang dijalani, mau sesulit apapun hidup yang dijalani, jadi selingkuhan lebih menyedihkan lagi dan hina. Mungkin beberapa saat bakal ngerasa bahagia, tapi setelahnya?? Paling pikiran2 negatif yang bakal diterima dari orglain~

What if, being a selingkuhan But, you got all the attention that you need all this time. Attention, we don’t talk money. Just attention. What do you think? Will you take the chance, or not?

What if your feeling getting deeper. But at the end, you just the second option to them. You might get all the attention and affection that you need all this time, but not for him/her. You might be their disneyland, but not their home. Me? I won't take the risk and that kind of "chance".
But talking about the attention, I wish y'all could get a sincere love from your people as you guys deserve.

Say you were an Elon Musk level billionaire, what'd you do with all that money? 🤑

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Get a decent house in a big safe area for the cats to go outside and a gym and a cinema in it. Cat trees. Cat scratch posts. Cat dens. Houses for other people.. Start some businesses, charities and animal sanctuaries but I cba going into detail of all those ideas..
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I actually feel bad for future generations.

At this point, there is no doubt in my mind that many young people will never own property or enjoy the liberty and freedoms that my generation (boomer) enjoyed. And yes, there is enough blame to go around for everyone, but I will say this: my parents generation (WWII) gave us a country that was well run, in great fiscal shape and had a society that believed in God and respected their country, their neighbors and their family. And now our country is destroyed. Instead, we argue with our neighbors and our families are broken and in many cases. fatherless.
We have been taught that men do not matter and are irrelevant. I think that one could argue that in Western democracies, God is dead. And that is precisely why western democracies are in decline and will ultimately fail.
The United States was created on the believe that We The People are ruled by God, not the government. And, in fact, if you look at the back of the dollar bill you will see the following phrase: "In God We Trust." In my opinion, the ruling class and the political class in America and in most western democracies no longer believe in God, and instead believe the following: "In Government We Trust."
This is, in my opinion, why the United States is no longer a great country. How is it possible to be "great" when you no longer believe in the existence of God and in fact reject God? It is not possible, and we are living through the consequences of such misguided and false ideologies and beliefs. And this is why I feel sorry for future generations. The rejection of God will result in unimaginable pain and suffering and will ultimately establish a tyranny of immense proportions that will will culminate in the deaths of tens of millions of innocent people around the world. And for what? Power?
What good is power and money when life and entire civilizations have been obliterated and wiped from the face of the earth? It's insane. Absolute and unmitigated insanity dominates and engulfs the western democracies!

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Is there someone you would like to protect with your life? If so, mind sharing who it is?

josephinewinona’s Profile Photojunmyeon lovebot ❥
I would defend my parents. Other than that, I have nothing to think of. I have nothing but be grateful for them to give me everything they can even though they are having a hard time earning money. So the mere protection of them is just lowest amount of return I can give them back.

بدنا شغل يا جماعة 😪

‏مطلوب موظفين وموظفات للعمل لدى وكلاء شركة orange money براتب 350 دينار وحوافز مجزية لتقديم خدمة مجانية داخل محافظه إربد
لا يشترط الخبرة.
التوظيف لحملة شهادة الثانوية لطلاب الجامعة بجميع التخصصات وحديثي التخرج.
للإستفسار التواصل على الرقم التالي عن طريق الواتس اب
هاد اعلان شغل باربد

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