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Why girls love money?

itxhamzioo7’s Profile PhotoItx HamXii
ugh boys and their obsession with calling out girls for that! hear me out.. you're not Elon Musk so don't ya worry about this much.. let's be lil realistic my brother in heaven! we all need money to survive. People are not gonna provide ya anything except jus beatin ya a** for free.. so there's nothing wrong in choosing stability over broke a** love! gd day🌻

He literally prioritizes spending on his "extracurricular" activities rather than on seeing you. If he can't save measly hotel room money after 6 months, how can you build any kind of life with him? It'd take him like 50,000 years to have enough for a home.

I mean it’s not like I don’t understand, I do. He has things to pay more and he needs to fix his car

Do you believe being on benefits your below everyone else?

Not necessarily believe People situations are different why they on benefits but at same time working or on benefits no one should think they better then anyone as when it's calling we all go in same way out I like despise people who think they are God gift and somthing special bacause they have money look at me I have money remember these people when they have nothing never be idiot who thinks they above people

Let’s say you get 10 million right now but there is a catch😶 … A snail is chasing you for the rest of your life and if it touches you, you die a terrible death. The snail cannot be killed and it knows your location at all times and it’s only purpose is to find you. Are you still taking the money?

DrAnonStar12376148’s Profile Photo♚ ♔ ӨMZ ♔ ♚
Of course I will take the money. I can't sit always behind with the fear of that snail for the rest of my life.

Should marriages be 50-50 financially?

Well if we're talkin about after marriage then let's keep it real, it's a man's responsibility to take care of the finances of home, however if my lady wanna do a job and make some money I'm fine with that as long as she keeps the money to herself and use it wherever she wants, but I'll be the one taking care of everything from needs to wishes of my family members...

Do you believe that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder?

no…. absolutely no….
this statement
ugly people ‘amuse ‘
my beautiful mom used to say that you can fall in love with everyone
if you are know those stories….
i’ve been reading recently …. that in him 🕸❤️… he
have a such thoughts
a little bit the same thoughts
i want to say …. i don’t
have such thoughts….
i won’t even learn the stories
if i don’t like ….
quickly bye…
but i’m magical girl anonymous
it’s easy for
me ….
and you know anonymous
why everyone likes…. loves models
from the past …
and not only models ?!….
because before
was beauty ( because usually beautiful girls wasn’t rich)
+ money
sometimes if they was have beautiful hurts
it was wow….
absolutely beauty….
now it’s just about money only ….
or mom help…. dad help…
or they are mistresses….
and that’s why almost a lot of not beautiful….
as a representative of rare beauty….
✨beauty always beauty….✨
it’s about forever….
you mean that you can fall in love with every i don’t argue….
but don’t agree
no i’m not say we need back to past….
i’m about that ‘real beauty is real beauty….
and you quickly feel that

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Potraficie oszczedzac pieniadze?? 💸💳

aniamisiaa245’s Profile PhotoAnia Stefaniak
Can you save money?
I can save money. I don't save money on health. If I buy something to eat, then I try to buy healthy food, and such food is expensive
Potrafię zaoszczędzić pieniądze. Nie oszczędzam na zdrowiu. Jeśli kupuję coś do jedzenia, to staram się kupować zdrową żywność, a taka żywność jest droga

Jakie nauki można wyciągnąć z globalnej pandemii?

KubaGR571’s Profile PhotoKubaGR571
What lessons can be learned from the global pandemic?
If you have enough money and invest enough money, people will believe anything and do what advertisers paid for
Zaraza może roznosić się przez telewizję

Thoughts right now? 🥱

anmolqureshi’s Profile PhotoFayyaz
Please stop asking, Are You Okay?
There's always something wrong, it's either the mood swings, headache, boredom, feeling sleepy, feeling hungry or couldn't fine the matching nailpolish or the eyeliner isn't perfect or the online orders I'd wasted money on aren't up to the mark. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Tell me something about which type of man is best for marriage👍💯

-Middle Class boys are the best Marriage material because they don’t have their dad’s money or family wealth to rely on, they know the Struggles, Life’s brutalities and Responsibilities that come with fatherhood. Just a little trust and patience, they will give you the world, They know the world beyond papa ki civic and vape and parties in the farm houses , dates in posh cafes , they know the real world and girlies only a man who knows how to fight the real world can be the Father of your children, only they know how to deal with tough situation as well as they can adjust anywhere.
That's the best part of a responsible boy Respect for them.♥️

Would you rather be able to teleport anywhere or be able to read minds?

I would prefer to be able to teleport anywhere; I could travel anywhere in the world instantly, freely, avoiding traffic and saving a lot of time and money. This could be a useful ability for business purposes or for personal reasons, such as visiting friends or family in distant places

When you see a person who has lot more than you has success in career a perfect house n perfect family n lots of money, you get jealous? real answer atm pls.

Not at all my dear! I wish everyone in every possible way only the BEST !! May Allah give all of you more and more and keep you all blessed safe and happy my friend! Alhamdulillah in my heart is nothing like jealousy or hate for anyone. If you good may Allah give you million times more. That’s how I feel and think..
You’re all my brothers and sisters in humanity and should you not want the best for your family ? 💛☺️

What is the first thing you usually spend your money on , on pay day?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon678900
It does it all by itself !!
It just keeps going , days are all long gone .
Just , Give Me The Rain:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35PfNjdgJQkigotamatch’s Video 172455314042 35PfNjdgJQkigotamatch’s Video 172455314042 35PfNjdgJQk

If human organs are legal to sell, would you sell one kidney for $10M?

Why would I sell my kidney when I can give one kidney away and save a life? How much money is a human life worth? Remember, it is in the giving that we receive. /Alex
*see photo
Dr. Zbigniew Religa monitors his patient’s vitals after a 23 hour long heart transplant surgery, 1987

How do you see yourself in 20 years? Can you imagine the kind of person you can become? Do you think you'll be the same person as you are today?

I cant even see my self how i am right now. Self perspective or image im unsure. But in 20 years i see myself living somewhere with no neighborhors cozy big home . All made designed every detail by me and whomever. Or if its just me . Lots of projects on the go. And effortlessly making enough money to pay someone to do the rest. Then ill be tackling all the problems no one eles is. Homeless, hunger , making people feel important. Idk even if i just help people without the rest id say my mission here was worth it

I know very well and I don't want to have sex without marriage at all but I try to marry a foreigner because they don't ask for money

I can understand your pain, but the problem with men like you is that you don’t think about the rules that apply to you, I bet you’re the type of man who only cares about the rules that affect women like hijab. Let me remind you that Muslim men must lower their gaze. The fact that you have made these sexual comments towards me shows that you haven’t been doing that, and I hope you repent and be a better person.

Jak myślisz wydawanie dużej sumy w podróże przez kilka lat to inwestycja?

wyluzowaana’s Profile PhotoDziewczyna z Dobrym Sercem♀❥
Do you think spending a lot of money on travel for several years is an investment?
It depends if the trips are for business related work? In this case, travel is an investment that brings material profits. If these are only tourist trips, they do not bring money, but they are a way to explore the world, i.e. it is an investment in yourself
To zależy, czy podróże są w interesach służbowych związanych z pracą? W takim wypadku podróże są inwestycją przynoszącą materialne zyski. Jeżeli są to wyłącznie podróże turystyczne, to nie przynoszą one pieniędzy, natomiast są sposobem na poznawanie świata, czyli jest to inwestycja w samego siebie

I dreamed once of having a Native American-looking friend that could teach me the ways of Dancing with Wolves while I teach him the 4 Gs of 'Murica: Gold (money), Guns, Girls, and Ganja. Never worked out in the end.

The murder rate of Indigenous women is three times higher than non-Native women. It is the third leading cause of death for Indigenous women; over 84 percent of them have experienced violence. As you probably know, the Savanna act was named after Savanna Lafontaine-Greywind, who was murdered in 2017 at 22 years of age. She is one example of too many Indigenous women and girls finding the same fate.
I dreamed once of having a Native Americanlooking friend that could teach me the

Jak myślisz ile zarabiają zwierzęta w filmach? 😉

wyluzowaana’s Profile PhotoDziewczyna z Dobrym Sercem♀❥
How much do you think animals in movies earn?
I don't think the animals in the movies make money, but the owners of the animals make money. The animals get treats as a reward. I hope the animals are having fun on the set
Myślę, że zwierzęta grające w filmach nie zarabiają pieniędzy, natomiast zarabiają pieniądze właściciele tych zwierząt. Zwierzęta w nagrodę dostają smakołyki. Mam nadzieję, że zwierzęta dobrze się bawią na planie filmowym
Jak myślisz ile zarabiają zwierzęta w filmach

Pra animar a noite: Qual foi a coisa mais sem vergonha e cara de pau que você viu alguém falar, desde o choro do lula com:" por favor, me ajuda!" .. ?

dz9ronin’s Profile PhotoLgrabb
I received a personal question from xintho:
"""To liven up the night: What's the most shameless and brazen thing you've seen someone say, since squid crying with: "please help me!" ..?"""
Well, the squid should never have borrowed money from the Loan Shark (who was also a lone shark, and a lone shark)
especially as the squid was very ill
When the extremely ill squid begged more time to repay his debt . . . . because he was so unwell . . . . . the shark threatened to EAT the wretched squid !
Which is what the shark did ~ he rolled on his back, and swallowed the squid!
So the cruel lone shark swam on his way, feeling pretty pleased with himself, as the meanest beast of the ocean-blue . . .
Till he came face to face with the KILLER-WHALE !
"AHAHA" , said the ORCA , "well looky who it is, if it isn't the scabby loan-shark . . . . you owe me £6 , and if you don't pay me immediately , I'll eat you !"
"OK, OK," , said the shark . . . . . he retched , and vomited up the squid , "there you go, there's the sick squid I owe you"
(if you don't 'get it' , you owe me a thousand flaming fake coins , or I'll eat YOU!)

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Pra animar a noite Qual foi a coisa mais sem vergonha e cara de pau que você viu

Would you have moved to a big city when you were in your 20s?

I think the ideal is being in a smaller city nearby a big metropolis. Like Cambridge / Boston, or Oakland / San Francisco. Far enough away that you don't feel crowded every time you leave the house, but you still have access to the jobs, nightlife, dating scene, etc of the big city. It's definitely overrated to pay a premium to live downtown somewhere that's super busy. Noise is constant, crime is higher, there's always some bullshit going on on the street, traffic sucks. If you're going to do it, do it while you're still young... the older you get the lower your patience for dense city living becomes. Find a mellow neighborhood with a good pub and a local bakery instead. I lived in a few larger cities in my twenties but in hindsight putting down roots in a smaller town earlier would have saved me a lot of time and money. With that said I had a lot of good experiences and gained a lot of experience working in a more competitive environment that I carried with me making the smaller city experience a breeze by comparison.
Living in a city was okay for a year or two, but afterwards I really just wanted to leave again. Too much constant stimulation, too many people, not enough nature, I couldn't stand it. I thought moving to a bigger city would help my dating and friend prospects, but if anything it was tougher because my manners and values were too different. Honestly I still can't stand city-native type people, idk what it is but 90% of the time they strike me as so weird and off putting. But I did meet my gf there (who's from the sticks herself), so that part worked out.
I moved from a small town to a bigger city a few weeks after I turned 18. Loved it, still love it, and would highly recommend giving it a shot even if for only a small amount of time. If you don’t like it, do the fun stuff and bounce after a few years. If anything you’ll appreciate your small town that much more. For me, being in the middle of it all is better than space and tranquility. But there’s not right answer and I self aware enough to know that I might not always feel that way.
Hell no, I've always hated Chicago, even the nice areas fucking suck to live there. Too much shit going on, no parking, and everyone acts like assholes. It was only a 20 minute Uber to go out and party over there anyway so its not like I missed out in my early 20s. My friends were always dragging me out to the bars and clubs at that age.
I know alot of people that do it for a social life. I had a good one while being in the burbs. Only trade off is I have to drive everywhere with the exception of some pools, a shopping area (with food, grocery stores, pharmacy, and gas in it), and woods/the river.

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So uh... Imma say this. If you accidentally type in your cashapp or paypal into your bio I might do something about it. Not charity or simping. Let's call it an aquaintance buying y'all lunch. Hypothetically

Well my PayPal is wubbalubthedub but idk man, I'm bad at accepting gifts from those ik irl😅 I'd use it to surprise her w something nice though, for sure. It's just my job gave me Christmas off and then shortly after Xmas I got sick and had to miss a day. I had enough for all my bills and such but no fun money x.x

Why people that owns businesses are the ones thats most likely to get filthy rich. Like if thats the case why are we still at school just to work until u die

deeannacnsl’s Profile Photodeanna :)
People who own the business, have paid the price that's why you see them independent of time and money. While most of us are drunk in the euphoria of Christmas or New year's celebrations, they're probably planning their next day, scheduling the tasks and meetings. There's no such thing as luck or an overnight success. You have to pay the price!

Right person or Money?

الاسئلة اللي من النوعية دي بتعصبني اوي لأنها مش واقعية ومش مفهومة، انا مش شخص مادي بس احنا في عالم مادي، ال right person, love, happiness, food etc كلها حاجات ماينفعش تختارها بدل الفلوس لانه وبعد ما تختارها؟ هتوفرها ازاي او هتوفر وسيلة تواصل معاها ازاي؟ هتعمل زي عبدة الأصنام لما كانوا بيصنعوا الآلهة بتاعتهم من العجوة ولما يجوعوا ياكلوهم؟ اي حد بيحسبها من اي اتجاه هيلاقي انه علشان تقدر تحصل على شعور ما من شيئ او من شخص لازم يكون عندك حد ادنى من الماديات، والا كله هيبقى عبث في عبث، وهتبقى عايز تفهمني انك مُعدم وبتنام في البرد على الارصفة بس وجود الرايت بيرسون هيدفيك ويشبعك وطبعا ده كلام مش حقيقي ومش واقعي وبعد يومين هتموتوا انتو الاتنين في الشارع
على الاقل يكون السؤال الشخص الصح مع فلوس قليلة ولا الفلوس؟ وقتها كنت هقولك الشخص الصح طبعا ياصاحبي وميتين ام الفلوس

What do yall think of Andrew Tate getting arrested?

There is a lot of mixed reports. Some say it’s related to trafficking. New reports suggest it has to do with money laundering. The pizza box is nonsense authorities knew he was in the country.
But if they don’t have a real case they will turn Tate into a bigger cult like figure. He already predicted they will try to imprison him and if they fails kill him off. So if anything they are playing into his hands.
People should be more cautious because things like trafficking are serious and to make a mockery of it simply because you hate Tate does nothing for the people are are real victims.
Liked by: Hamza Shah O

Do you think money can buy happiness? هل تعتقد المال يستطيع شراء السعادة ؟

يشتريها صدكني.. غير هالشي مثاليات..
يشتريلك سيارة جديدة وتكون سعيد بيها.. يشتريلك بيت أحلامك وتكون سعيد بيه.. يسفرك لدول راح تكون بقمة السعادة هناك من تكتشف ثقافات جديدة.. يخليك تاخذ الشخص التحبه وتعيشون أحلى عيشة هالشي بحد ذاته قمة السعادة.. هواي أمور حلوة تتوفر إذا توفر المال.

Do you think money can buy happiness? هل تعتقد المال يستطيع شراء السعادة ؟

شعورك وانت عندك مليون دولار
نفس شعورك وانت عندك مليار دولار
المال يساهم برفع منسوب السعادة لفترة وجيزة الا ان تعتاد ع الوضع المالي وترجع لتعاستك وانت ما محلفني
السعادة معناها غياب المعاناة وهذا مستحيل

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