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If an old coworker that u used to talk with called u and said she misses u and says hi, would u think its creepy or sweet

I wouldn't answer

That's so stupid to try and anger someone to get them to love you, makes you hated even more.

You are right however I guess it's my toxic trait that when I am in pain I make others that put me in pain feel my pain through my words because I'm not violent and my words are all I have

if you could see 100 years from now for a moment and see that there is only one world state where all people are united, where there are no borders, and people who are defeated by death always remain young, what would you do

Enjoy life as it is finally getting better

Do you ever wish you could go back and just unmeet someone just so you wouldn't think of that person?!?

I have thought that previously in early years of y life

Want to talk more?

More? I really don't even know you nor do I even know if I've been talking to you this app is f****** weird


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