Do you approve smurfs? There are so many of them, from Bronze to Challenger smurfs. And in my opinion they ruin the game experience by stomping low level people, even pre-level 30 ones which many times are just like:"Well i'm done with this game" since it's very frustrating.

On the whole, they probably cause more problems for legitimate new players than they're worth it. However, I think you also have to look at the reasons why players smurf, which all feel like legitimate game problems that are on us to fix. In other words, I don't want to just blame the smurfers and punish them. We'd rather address the reasons they are smurfing and see if that helps the situation overall.
The reasons players give for smurfing are:
1) I want to play with less experienced or less skilled friends.
2) I'm bored and I need something else to do in League.
3) I'm trapped in ELO hell and think I can do better.
4) I enjoy stomping noobs.
We aren't particularly interested in supporting #4 as a legitimate way to play League. The others are real problems we would like to fix.

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