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You made it clear that I was not someone you wanted in your life. I can’t stop wondering how you would feel if you knew how much it offended me. Would you have cared? Would it have changed your mind if you knew just how much I needed your attention. I just wanted to be your friend 🥺

We can still be friends, and maybe more. But you can't turn back time on a person.

So him seeing you over here made him jealous and worried a little so he had to come by and see me we have a date tomorrow night after he gets off work another late night cruise under the stars this is gonna be so fucking great you had your chance n blew it the minute you walked away didn’t come bac

That is way too much exposition, with little-to-no context for me. I really can't help you now, miss.

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If you lost absolutely everything… do you see it as an opportunity or the end?

When you got nothing to lose, then you are free, baby.

What would you do if your found out that your girlfriend is showing private photos to someone?

Respect anyone's privacy.

I can see a future with you it’s scary but I’m also worried about hurting you

I'm not a gay boy.

How would you feel towards your significant other if you found out that she did a love tie (witchcraft) on you and steadily fed you her fluids & hair? What would be an appropriate reaction to this if she was your baby momma?

I hate witches.
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