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If someone goes up to you in public and call you hot, does that mean they want to date you or they are complimenting you

some may be complimenting you others may want to date you and rest probably only see you in a sexual way

Would you rather be left on "Read" or "Delivered"

guess delivered hate when someone reads and doesn’t ever respond it’s rude don’t want to or can’t talk say so

Do you like being invited over for dinner at someone’s house or no? It makes me feel excited but also a little anxious since I deal with anxiety in social settings.

I dont hangout with anyone

Does love exist or is everyone just faking

It exist but some only give and never get it in return while others are faking for there own reasons

If someone said you can't handle the truth in a serious way would you take them serious? If not why?

yea must be something they need to tell me but feel I can’t handle


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