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I'm...Gregory... And I'm not a baby..!*Gregory frowns folding his arms in a bit of a pout. he's holding back his pride though he sighs softly.*Um .. Thank you Mr.. l haven't been able to trust an adult in a while. They all seem to have bad intentions.. Not to mention that last lady tried to k!ll me. *he pulls off his bandages to reveal old knife wounds on his arms that has scarred over Vanny had attacked the child st♥️bbing him repeatedly but luckily it wasn't fatal wounds thanks to Freddy treating them but it was reminder of the tramatic events he went through. Majima wouldn't believe the kid if he told him everything he went through before coming here.*

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....*he looks to the side sighing starting to relax a little bit*I don't have parents. Haven't in a very long time. *Gregory had a hard time saying it but rang true the orphan boy had been on the streets for a while now* I snuck in a couple of weeks ago.. I don't really have anywhere to go. So I hid out here till I got caught like right now.. Hey! I've been through a lot recently okay! * that offended the boy. Sure he didn't look the best but that was a given. Majima notices the boy has old dirty bandages on his arms he had received them from his last adventure. He hadn't been well taken of at all. But what could be expected having a ten-year-old take care of himself all alone? *

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I....I...*the small child was at a lose for words he wasn't very good with adults he tended to avoid them despite the situation he in not being the best he has learned to try and only depend on himself.* ... *He was thinking for a moment on what to say he knew he was in trouble maybe not in the life threatening ways he has grown accustomed to but still.Stealing from a bunch of adults was just asking for trouble. He didn't exactly have parents to be punished by.*I wasn't expecting this... I'm um sorry... * He down much like a kid would being scolded *

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*something odd has been happening around the construction site items have started to go missing here and there the workers were getting annoyed at this point. Little did they know a little kid had made himself at home in the warehouse hidden behind some construction boxes/crates. Gregory would occasionally steal workers lunch to feed himself. It wasn't until recently they had started to become suspicious of the strange actions. He was being more reckless and got spotted* Oh crap... *the little kid had been pick up by one of the workers and escorted over to their boss Majima*

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