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What does it mean when a woman says "no" to my advances? Does it mean try harder?

Sounds like you’re going to prison stupid ass

You’re tit for tat 🤣🤣🤣

You must have me confused. I don’t tit or tat… I beat ass and end the entire situation. You must didn’t do your research correct?

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Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Just curious, How would you feel if you knew you would never find your true love because you already wasted your chance with destiny? How do you get up and get on with yourself and your day knowing that you're living without half your life's purpose being present?

Anyone who thinks people’s life purpose is to simply live for someone else or to find someone else is WEAK & SLOW!

Facts: Doctors do not actually save your life they just prolong the inevitable. Now you know. 🧑‍⚕️ 👩‍⚕️ 👨‍⚕️

I been knew

Ladies can you explain why is it when you are in love your tendency is to act like a mother? Unlike us guys, we act like a frickin’ child.😨

Simple. Just pay attention to how society grooms both genders during childhood & you’ll have your answer.

I told my girlfriend I have been fooling around with two of her best friends and she hit me with a pan and now my jaw is misaligned. Can I sue her for damages

No but she can sue you so tread lightly dumb ass

Since i haven’t eaten since last night, How about you venmo or cashapp me $20 for lunch? Thanks 🙏

That’s a personal problem

How do you feel about losing followers on social media? Does it ever feel hurtful?

Does my heart pump blood through my body to live or social media followers?

I don't want to be rude this early in the morning, but people who constantly tell others to ask them questions are a special breed of cringe. I can understand and have empathy for you for not having friends/people to interact with and you want the attention on a dead app, but still... cringe

What’s more cringe is you being on this “dead app” that’s so cringe to you when no one is forcing or asking you to do so.

Should peeping tom be charged with what? 👀

Life without parole … the electric chair if it’s permitted in their state 😁

Logic or Emotion?

They’re actually the same. Emotions go into logic just as logical thinking includes your emotions… questions like this let’s me know who doesn’t have enough logic though.

Would you improve yourself just for love? Or give up and settle for nothing

I love myself more than anyone could ever try to love me. So no I would not change myself for love

Ladies please kindly f*cking explain why wouldn’t you marry a guy who makes $75k a year? Justify! 😳🙄😠

Need a lot more than $75K a year to provide for themselves, a wife AND children…

LOVE ONE ANOTHER, it’s not that hard! God bless you this morning. What is something you have been praying for?


ANYWHERE is a DATE when a woman loves being around you ✍🏽

Hello! But men don’t like to wait and earn their way up to that phase.


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