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i mean we used to talk every week and now i feel like we dont knwk each other and it is sad because we still talk alot when we see each othrr in college and we still care about eachother but i dont know how to explain that to her i feel like we have been seperayed for no reason

Communication is very important in friendships ( I mean, relationships in general ). These things need to take its time but within this time you gotta discuss this with your friend and how you guys could better this situation going on between you.
I hope this was helpful, and إن شاء الله y'all be better friends than you were before this happened.

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Heeeyyy. i have a friend and were not very close but we see each other in uni and talk but i havent seen her in weeks and we text but we stoped. how do i talk to her and tell her that i miss talking to her? we used to be very good friends since we were in middle school together

How about you guys make a day in the week to meet? Even if it was just for like an hour. And keep it up and then little by little things might turn the way were or even better.
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. اذا احد طلب رأيك بشـي تجاملـه ولا تقولـه الصراحـه ..؟!

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