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Do you think putting Gundam AGE on Toonami will help out the block with ratings?

Nope. That’s not a North American dub either so let’s just never suggest that again.

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what the hell happened to that Adult Swim jr tease back last fall from the network? (It said it'll be announced in the spring of this yr!)

Most likely it was just a joke

When YouTube creators put full episode/movie reactions behind a Patreon firewall, isn't that a version of piracy?

You mean a commentary over an entire copyrighted video? That’s exceeding fair use especially if it’s paid. The commentary by itself is fair game. RiffTrax as one example.

Does Hulu still have the rights to Sailor moon Crystal? Could toonami finally air it this yr? (MHA has gotten free of hulu recently)

It’s definitely still on Hulu and probably still under the exclusive contract but there’s really no way to be certain.

you think aot season 3 will get the simuldub (tokyo ghoul, mha) treatment this yr and premiere first week of july? or more like july 21?

It might actually premiere the first Saturday in July but it’s more likely for July 21st.

Toonami is hard pressed to keep the Dragon Ball hour going, no matter what. Toonami will never break apart DBZ Kai and DB Super for any reason even if Kai is ending 3 weeks after flcl airs, they did the same nonsense to attack on titan last yr which blew my mind how aggravating that was.

I still don’t think airing after two DB series hurt AoT in the slightest.
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toonami HAS to run from 10-4am now when flcl progressive airs, unless they're really stupid enough to premiere it at midnight after Mha.

Or it could simply bump MHA or DBZ Kai to midnight in June.
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so wha was that "mystery" show toonami held in reserve from 1/27? like are they even planning to air anything at all?

Probably one of the three upcoming acquisitions but you may as well ask DeMarco about that instead of me.

Do u think Dbz kai will rerun after its run? Later in the block? (4-5am?)

It definitely could but I think it will be too costly to rerun in the back so they’ll just let it go.
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your fav turtle?

At this point in my life I tend to like all four equally but Mikey has been my favorite since childhood.

so i'd say tokyo ghoul re is not going to be airing on the block right? (not that i want it to though, just a question)

Probably not but it could still happen. If not soon then eventually.

Are you going to get a fighting game called Fantasy Strike when it comes out on the Switch?

Never heard of it but I’ll look into it.

I know it may be some april fools bullshit but is toonami really going to rerun Bebop from now on?

Nobody knows for sure. They might actually do double Bebop for more than a week so they can drop one of them at any given time for fast dub of a Spring season anime.
Bebop has been played to death and back but is it really such an insult for it to air at the butt end of a 5.5 hour block for no cost? It was beating Outlaw Star several weeks. Clearly people are still watching it. I’d rather they gave it a break but if it’s after 3am, it’s nothing to get mad about. Do you even want a show you want to see to air at 3am? I sure don’t.
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dude honestly man, toonami could not be more f*cking stupid to air FLCL behind the Dragon Ball hour, like that is an ADSM original, NEW original at that lol like they really WILL NOT let Dragon Ball go.

I could see reason in airing it behind Super but Kai? Nah. Kai even ends two weeks before FLCL Progressive does so that’s not a good plan IF that is the plan. Let’s not assume the plan is to put it behind the DB hour before there’s a full schedule released.

The most successful cartoon in history in your opinion?

I’m inclined to say The Simpsons but Scooby-Doo, Tom & Jerry or Looney Tunes might have it beat. SpongeBob is definitely up there as well. Each of those have existed for years and have sold boat loads of merchandise and brought in killer ratings. There’s just not enough data on all of them to claim an absolute victor.
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If ReZero did premiere will it most likely get the 1130 slot or will it be behind clover? Perhaps even jojo? Wdy think?

I hope it gets 11:30 if it airs soon but it might end up after BC and even JoJo.

Jason Demarco just answered a random question on ask and it had the word Zero in it, ReZero confirmed for 3/24!

Totally unrelated but nice try
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sooo, ReZero or Darling in the Franxx on March 24th? Or another bullsh*t glorified rerun?

Maybe ReZero or Starblazers or even Mob if they worked that out. Beyond that there’s dozens of possible shows. Dunno about Darling but it’s as likely as any other current broadcast dub of an action anime.
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i heard toonami is adding a slice of life series to the block soon but is it actually true? and if so what do u think it'll be?

They’re considering comedies and horror series, I don’t recall any mention of slice of life anime from Jason.
If Toonami played a slice of life show it should probably be Yuri on Ice. It has a broad appeal and isn’t typical high school relationship dangus like most slice of life anime tend to be.
As for a comedy they might play, I honestly don’t know. There’s plenty of action comedies out there but they probably would try a screwball comedy like Pop Team Epic.
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