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Awwwwww u r so cuuuttteeeeee. Oh and btw u shouldn't care now cuz ur going to high school and will probably never see her again


Or have you thought that maybe, just maybe, that's not the reason she broke up with you.

I complemented her every damn day!

Ever think that maybe those comments are the reason she doesn't wanna get back together with you? Huh. Makes sense. Oh and btw Jen is amazing, not self-centered, and beautiful. You don't know her enough to say those mean things.

Okay well sorry I thought about her more then my self so u can go fuck yourself


Jami is nice but can be mean
Trinity has her days of being a huge bitch
Brigid is nice
Jen can be stubborn and is self centered but she is nice and funny sometimes

Jjaacccckkk caaarrrruuuusssssooooo!

Is a faggot and need to go away and get locked up in a crazy hospital

What the fuck? Why the fuck won't she forgive you for that little shit? That's bullshit

IKR who r u? Jw

Who the fuck would break up with someone for calling another person pretty?

IKR like she was jealous or something and now I miss her a lot

So wait wait u told julia and aly they were "pretty" When u were going out with jen...? Why?!?!?

They asked me and I answered cuz I'm nice or was nice


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