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Why you and your girlfriend delete your Facebook?

Cause Facebook is useless 1.
It starts retarded as fuck amounts of drama 2.
Its pointless when you rarely talk to anyone 3.
People are stupid as fuck most of the time and it isnt useful 4.
Thats why you have an instagram, tumblr, shit anything better 5.
Reasons why I went ghost and started living my real life 6.

I've always wanted to give up on life, any advice...

I'ts never worth it. Listen to someone whos went through over 20+ attempts hell I stopped counting already. Idk anymore. But listen, it may seem dire it may seem that there is no way out, that there is so much pain. But tbh that's never the case. Wait a day on focusing on only you not going out, what will happen. You are the same and the world keeps moving forward. Forget what the world wants of you and break free from it no matter what others will say. Don't throw away your own life for stupidity or even if it is a real reason. Look at your age and see that there will be many and various amazing times in the future. Breathe and smile. GO to the beach and relax. Push the pain out of your chest and refresh your lungs. You can do it. I know I have. And soon you will see happiness and you then grip it tight and never let go of it !

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When was the first time you found out you were insane

8 I told my mom when we were walking my old dog, that I had dreams of stabbing her.
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Not necessarily. that what you want to think, but it's not reality. Besides she needs to stop acting like she a victim

Lmfaooo, that's funny, that just sounds exactly like me, well exactly how other people depict me anywheys. For me to stop "acting like a victim" Damn, memories. My reality is pretty damn set with her ~ We are 2 psychopaths, sociopaths whatever you may call it, we are not normal and never shall be and that's the beauty of it.

you guys are gonna break up regardless, once a cheater always a cheater... hate to break it to you :/

You do realize, we both have the exact same past lol, when 2 people of the same accord come together, they don't re visit the past for a better future, they make a better present and future ~ Learn your facts

Your girlfriend and yourself are the cutiest couple ever I'm happy for you guys don't listen to the haters let them hate be proud of who you are and the people who are in your life :3

Awww thank you so much (:, we realize that they hate so much because of how perfect we are to each other. They can talk and talk and talk and we will always be happy living our life's to the fullest with each other c:
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If you weren't with your gf.. would you date an ex, and if so, who?

No, every single ex is an ex for a reason and after me having to bleed for half of them I realized, why the fuck would it be worth it. Shit my last one almost gave me 2 heart attacks, and I doubt anyone even cares lol.

She screams out your the main one ? the fuck stupid

Have some proper grammar. And my nameeee morons ~ The hate is funny, keep riding your friends dick, cause that's all you guys can do cx

do you feel proud stealing someones girl?

I'ts not stealing, she wanted me over everyone else. And I always take pride in my actions c:

Bro, don't you have the find my iPhone app??

michellemuradova’s Profile PhotoKitty
Ugh sadly no, but its all good I guess I'm getting a upgraded version of my phone. I have the best luck at certain things so its alright. Sad mad memories are gone though
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Ever been catfished before???

Lmfao nah, irony is most of the relationships I've been in started over a message, online as well lol

Do you trust people easily?

Lmfao trust is a strong word, when it comes to people I say if you don't have eyes in the back of your head, then you're already fucked.
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Would you ever talk to someone you have lost a connect with again?

Probably tbh, Idc if people drop me and stab me with a knife if you come back ill see it but ill know what you've done to me in my past, but ill accept it cause hate is a worthless emotion

Have you ever ignored a person? Like someone you used to talk to and then you two quit talking?

Yea I have, I'm gonna be honest I was a dick, I am, I've had so much shit happen to me. It's unfortunate but sadly it happens, it got up to a point where someone carved my name into them just so that we could talk again. My weird as fuck life ~

Why do people kill each other?

It's life the natural circle no matter how you think about it, the alphas will always come out on top ~


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