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I actually think your song is really catchy.. the urdu version is actually really good. I listen to your song at least 2 times a day. Really looking forward for your next venture!!!

Admires your words.New song very soon.
Liked by: Esha Tomar حسن

agar koi banda kisi larki ko 7 sal say pyar karta hou aur woh agar phir bhi lift na karaye tou kya kia jaye , aur kabhi kisi aur larki ko pasand na karay?

Kisi Nay Apni Muhabat Kay Liye Bina Mile Or Baat Kiye 24 Saal Intezar Kiya,
Kyunki Pyar Sacha Sirf Aik Bar Zindagi Mei Huta Hai,
Ap Ki Muhabat Agar Sachi Hai Tu Chahat Zaroor Milegi.

Forget haters my friend, I tell you, you are the best thing that happened to music so far.

Appreciates your admire.

If there where more people like you in Pakistan, it would be a great country to live in. Unfortunately, we're stuck with people full of hate...

All Pakistani are Lovable and only Love and respect live in our great country.


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