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I'm just curious do you do anything else but obsess about me now you messed up because guess what someone is making pics and videos of you I'm going to put them up EVERYWHERE

Let me know if you need more pics 🤪

On a serious note I truly forgive you and I apologize for my part in this. I love and support everything you do. And I understand why you did what you did. I don't hold any grudges and would simply like to be your friend if possible ❤️. I miss you and hearing your sweet sweet voice sooo much. 🤗🤗


U no I will always love u I just don't want anything to do with what u became but when ur all alone thinking no one really loves u remember I do an not sex I mean unconditionally I no u sit alone an cry I can sense it remember I do


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She said she didn't want a relationship and that I need to stop texting her and popping up in places she's at. What does she mean by this?

Restraining order

If you could would you fly away on a hot air balloon and leave it all behind? Where would you go?

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No where I’m afraid of hikes

In 20 years old and still buy stuffed animals for myself. I know this is strange but I’d like to think I’m not the only one.

You are.


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