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omg!!! you are turkish too? that made me so happy idk i'm turkish too and you are so gorgeous i really do look up to you :) you definetly have a bright future ahead of you, in few years i probably wont be able to say these stuff to you because you'll become so famous you wont check out his account

I've turkish ethnicity, does that makes me turkish? ☺ that's so really sweet for you to say! thank you so much and know that I appreciate every single thing you said. Xx
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Why is it harder to meet guys now that your a model?? Don't u get to meet a lot of handsome male models? Is it that guys treat you differently now that your fAmous?

male models aren’t exactly all there in the head sometimes… they can be a bit full of themselves or they just don’t have much depth to them. not all of them I’ve made some good friends but everyone is so immature around my age so it’s more annoying to be around boys.


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