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Latest answers from Taylor Marie Hill

omg!!! you are turkish too? that made me so happy idk i'm turkish too and you are so gorgeous i really do look up to you :) you definetly have a bright future ahead of you, in few years i probably wont be able to say these stuff to you because you'll become so famous you wont check out his account

I've turkish ethnicity, does that makes me turkish? ☺ that's so really sweet for you to say! thank you so much and know that I appreciate every single thing you said. Xx

How were you able to graduate early as a sophomore? did you have to take junior and senior courses?

I took a test kind of like a GED but it covers English and math on a senior level.

Opinion on walking for VS this year. Are you walking on Pink ?? You're gorgeous and I knew you where going to be in Vs cause you are amazing❤❤❤ I love you

I did and all thank to you guys that always supported me! I love you all ❤
Opinion on walking for VS this year Are you walking on Pink  Youre gorgeous and

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