Ask @Taynayboo:

When it comes to having deep conversations is it better to talk to someone who doesn’t know u or talk to someone who does know u even if u feel like there gonna judge u?

People are going to judge us until the day we die. It all depends on who the person is and what the conversation is about. It's always good to talk to people you know and who understands you but it's always good to meet new people and talking to them to get to know their mind.

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Have u ever felt like telling someone how u truly feel about them but at the same time don’t want too because u know things would change between y’all?

Yes I recently had that problem but I got through it she's my best friend and if we're "best friends" then no matter what she'll understand and she'll want to take what I have into consideration. She was upset but got over it. If this person is your friend they'll understand. If they're not meant to be in your life then to hell with them. That goes with friends, family and strangers

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