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Has any man or woman ever called you intimidating or thought you were intimidating when they first met you?

Yes but then they told me as soon as they got to know me they thought differently. I just get really shy and closed off and have rbf so I guess I just seem mean and scary when I'm far from it 💕😂 (until I need to be of course)

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Do you hate anyone at the moment?

Upset, disappointed by, distrust, angry with or maybe Even strongly disliked. But hate? No

Here’s an odd question, how would you feel about being obsessed over romantically?

Been there, it was kinda hot/cute at first but then it got creepy and old fast. I had to block him & have my ex sleep in a hotel nearby just to keep me sane..

Ever realize how cold and numb you've gotten?

You're right *takes my feet out of the bucket of ice* Thanks! 👍🏾

Would you cheat?

Nah, it's pointless. If I'm not longer interested in dating you I'll just say so. Why lie, sneak and cheat? It's pointless & degrading to stoop so low lol


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