Ask @The_Real_Evil_Steve:

What helps you to sleep better?

I have no idea. Its not exercise, just makes me walk around a bunch, and either wakes me up more, or lets me relax, but not sleep. Its not that melatonin stuff. Tried it, did nothing. I've tried different beds and such. Nope.
That leaves medication. I'm holding off that so I don't develop resistances. I've needed it once before, and I don't want to lose that option.

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Qu'est-ce qui te mets le plus en colère ?

FrenchAnon has a mental health question for me. Specifically"
What put you the most angry?"
Willful stupidity. That special kind of stupid that requires effort to maintain. Usually its in regard to cherry picked religious and political beliefs that only support personal bigotry. This sort of mindset leads to someone voting or supporting a political party, regardless of what that party does. This happens across theologies and the political spectrum.

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Does the body control the mind or the mind controls the body?

This is one of the Big Questions that science and philosophy dive into. Is our mind just a function of the meat it resides in, or is it something more than a collection of procedural electrochemical reactions?
I am not qualified to answer, but I lean towards flesh overriding mind. Pain, damage, and alteration of the physical brain can cause dramatic changes in behavior.

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What are some of the most unusual or interesting things you do to amuse yourself when you're bored?

Interesting is subjective. I've gained some curiosity about medieval economics over the years, as well as a few other dull-seeming subjects.
Unusual is harder to say. I'm very into role-playing games and the stores and websites I visit for that are quite normal for everyone there, but for someone outside that hobby it would seem quite odd.

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You're spoiled

I doubt that very much. I have few things that resemble luxuries, and lack things that many consider normal. My income is not significant and my work offers no status. I demand little of the world as a matter of status or pride and put the needs of other often before myself.
Unless you mean "spoiled" as in old food, then maybe I am.

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Have you ever got into trouble with the police?

The exact opposite. I get along well with law enforcement. They've almost always been very pleasant to interact with. Often supportive beyond what was needed at the time. And on the rare occasion that something serious was being investigated, they've been quite friendly.
Granted, I've lived a quiet life and never got the appeal of unlawful recklessness. The fact that I can't drink alcohol goes a long way too.

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