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R u planning to get any tattoos

I used to want some, but half of me realized that if I'm gonna get something, I want it to be definitive of me. Then I thought about that and couldn't come up with something that expresses it well.
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What’s the most embarrassing thing your have ever done?

Not something I shall speak of. Its not interesting, and best forgotten in the past
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What is one thing you will never do again?

Stay awake for 24 hours, drive 4 hours to visit a friend for the day, stay until evening, then drive home, at night, alone, on a highway that has no lighting.
Sleep deprivation plus sensory deprivation is a Hell of a trip, but not when one is driving. Especially not if one has to work the next day (easy job, but still)
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What's more valuable, brains or beauty?

Brains are a long term investment, Beauty is a short term profit.
Beauty, as a marketable tool, fades with age in the living, and fashion all else. Brains retain the value of what they produce throughout time.
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Is 4 days strait of rain too much for you, or not enough?

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When I first moved to roughly where I live now (west coast Canada) I was reminded of the bit in the bible about 40 days and nights of rain.
Then Autumn faded into Winter and i thought 40 days? Pfft. Wimps.
Rain doesn't even faze me now. 4 days is nothing. Bring it.
Also it means the nights are colder and the air is cleaner. Good for me. Mud is sometimes a problem at work, but any amount of rain brings mud, so...oh well.
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In what city do you live?

A crappy one. But all population centres are crap in their own way, either by geography, layout, people, or management.
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What do you consider to be a healthy relationship?

Mutual respect. You improve each other's time and life. Compromises are actually mutual rather than one giving up value while the other surrenders trivia. Sacrifices for each other are not based on guilt or obligation but on a legitimate desire to help.
And a willingness to walk away when things go poorly without resentment or need for petty power games of revenge.
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Sometimes all you need is...?

Seriously, being able to buy off a barrier to something, or make a problem go away. So good.
And these would be 1 time issues. Like having enough money to just hire people to do stuff and pay the cost of living at both ends for a month? So worth it.
Or getting a vehicle so you can get to that good job that's way out of the way? I've lost out on a few good jobs because of that.
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What does it mean to be a good citizen on the Internet?

Don't post lies. Don't post manipulative trash posts. Call out hypocrites on your own side of an argument. Support rather than attack
Think before posting about what you're about to post. Is it improving the discourse, or is it just echo chamber rabble rousing?
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I see smth wrong, now, tell me, what is disturbing youuu?

I haven't been here in a while because my feed is clogged with mindless trash that apparently some of my "firends" like. Its mostly pics of attention seeking Insta morons.
Makes it frustrating to come here.
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If there were a book about your life, what the cover would look like?

Cheap, dull and disposable. Hopefully the entire book would be printed on something like nice toilet paper, so its not a total waste of money
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What is the best soundtrack for a film?

Ones that evoke the film itself. That while enjoyable on their own, fit the film perfectly, but would not work as well for other films.
Forbidden Planet has this down well. Odd, eerie and matches with the strangeness of what's happening and why.
Conan the Barbarian's simple forceful score suits a barbarian of action.
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure captures that late 80s California absurdity, but also suits the kind of band the characters dream of being.
Lots of other soundtracks are just good, and enjoyable, but could be shifted over to another film with limited loss.
Someone on Youtube did this well with Battlestar Galactica and Super Atragon.
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What place on earth is a must-see?

The parts of your own state/province/canton that are different from yours. And not just see them, spend a lot of time there. A couple of years at least. Gives perspective since there's no language barrier, no legal barriers, and a degree of commonality, but the culture is different, the way of living is different, so you get to see your own home with your own mind, but from a different outlook.
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What's the best thing ever happened to you?

Drivers licence. i could go anywhere I could afford the gas to go. Didn't really go anywhere, but most of the places I wanted, and still want to go, are cheaper to drive to. Plus I can get around while I'm there easier, and actually see what is around, rather than just flying over different colored blobs of space.
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What was the first music album you bought?

Bought? Not sure. Probably Conan the Barbarian soundtrack. That's some fine orchestra work there.
Owned? Iron Maiden Piece of Mind.
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favorite desserts?

Cookies are my go to dessert. Chocolate of some kind
Cheesecake is hit or miss, depending on the toppings
Cake is good, but can be too much too quick. Same with ice cream
Apple Crisp. So good. No caramel or other stuff. Just good apples and crisp. So hard to get single servings of it.
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Which is the most stylish celebrity?

No clue or interest to know. Celebrities are mostly just empty words in a sensationalist newspaper not fit for printing.
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