Ask @The_Real_Evil_Steve:

What's the Best way of Get rid from "শয়তান বাচ্চা পোলাপান" I'm too Much অতিষ্ঠ ???

Google translate suggests I am being asked how to get rid of Devil children and anon is very unhappy.
As someone who has evil in his name, I am probably biased in favor of Satan's little ones. But since anon has asked, I recommend a catapult.
Or a barn. You can condemn them to the barn, or the traditional manner that requires one to take them out behind the barn.
If you opt for the latter, bring a shovel, and mind where the splatter goes.

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With a serious answer, What is happiness for you in the future? How would u be happy in life?

A car and the means to maintain it. Gives me the ability to visit people and places that are otherwise too expensive to get to.
I used to relax by just driving around at night, but I haven't had a car on the road in about 10 years.
That's a lot of stress with no outlet.
It would also me that I am doing financially well enough to afford a car, which would be nice.

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What teacher in school made the most impact on you and why?

Because "favorite teacher" is often a security question, I won't give names, but i was fortunate that I had several good teachers, but I generally avoided the truly awful ones.
Some were good because they were flexible on what "completed assignment" meant. Some graded based on the work, not based on their opinion of the work presented. I had one in University who had an odd but insightful testing system. The value of a question was not based on how much stuff you had to write down, but how important it was to understand what was being asked.
She also would have exam questions like "on the subject of X, explain the process to a 9 year old" so we couldn't just commit phrases to memory.
There weren't any that stood out as "worlds greatest" but many who exemplified parts of what good teaching was.

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Would you rather be a philosopher, an astrophysicist, or a psychologist? Why?

Philosophy is mostly navel gazing and ego masturbation, with the occasional tidbit of actual value.
I'm not good enough at math to handle astrophysics (I know people higher maths and astrophysics, I know I can't handle it)
Psychologists are medical doctors first, with psychology training second. Good if there's a medical reason for a mental condition, not so good if there isn't.
I went to school for psychology. Turns out I'm not a great student. I learn, but too slowly for formal education.

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What is the most important thing u have to do daily?

Hygiene things. While few bad things are made good by good hygiene, many good things are made bad by poor hygiene.
I work with the public in a physical job. If people are unhappy with me, they will be unhappy with my work, and therefore will not hire me back and will warn their friends.
Being unemployed is not worth skipping a shower,brushing my teeth, etc.

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Tell me briefly about yourself!

I'm old, bitter and have many years of unusable education. I've done things of minimal interest, traveled little, and regret less.
i like dogs entirely too much. I enjoy RPGs and miniature wargames.
I read mostly sci-fi, some fantasy and historical fiction.
Preferred clothing is Aloha shirts, the uglier the better.

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A brief and amusing story? Ok.
In university, I worked a hot dog cart at night. Northern Canada gets frosty in the winter, but the rule was if it was warmer than -22c, then I had to go out. The reason for -22c is that below that, propane doesn't burn well.
I went out one night when it was hovering right around -22c, and the burners were more like bic lighters. Took an hour to warm up a smokie. At one point I bumped my cart and the squeeze bottle of mustard fell and shattered.
The bottle shattered. The mustard did not. I peeled the broken plastic off the mustard, but the frozen mustard on the cart and put the cap on top.
When people asked if I was cold, I would point out the frozen, bottle shaped mustard.

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If a car is too pricey, would a motorcycle do?

My balance is shot. For a few years when I was younger I would get the spins when I tried to sleep. There are some inner ear infections that are painless but mess up balance.
I never had good balance at any point in my life. Riding a bike was always difficult. I don't want to try splatting at 60 km/h.
Also, between purchase and insurance, they aren't much cheaper than a car.

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