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Boooo your crying who the fuck cares no one care about you

yeh I know that's why I got dumped outside a carehome at six so u don't need to tell me no one cars

She's a fat ugly pig!!!

aw ffs why won't anyone get on with my life fed up Cardiff is full of arseholes who try to fuck up everything and slag eachother off I can never just be left alone to get on with it and now I reached breaking point :'(

Sure she is you only trying make your ex jealous

no I'm not she's a cheat I ain't a cold hearted bastard so fuck u

I know who that girl is! Dont you dare hurt ot anything not after whats been going on in her life for last 8 years! Shes mayb seem like a grown up girl but shes still a little baby who get hurts and always cry

whoever saying this is repeating this boys get hurt I been thro more shit guarenteed so shut the fuck up

But u blocked me on fb coz u said I was fuckinh bout:( u knw who I am

I deleted my fb but add me on my new one tom whiston

Ahaha I hate the slut she slept with my boyfriend before I was with him and I just couldn't sleep with him for ages ! Sleep with me to get back at her?

I don't even know who u are

But she was your misses wouldn't you sleep with your misses

yes once I known them for a bit and if I likes them but who the fuck are u


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