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What will be the perfect gift/blessing for you if it really happens in 2024?😊

I want my footwear business to blow up in 2024

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Are marriages hard?

No, absolutely not.
Society has made it harder, Look I will explain this very simply and very honestly. If you don't have faith in God you will find every excuse in the book to not marry and not live the life which was designed by Allah.
However if you have faith in God, everything will work out just fine.
like that's it, it's that simple, it's either you don't believe in Allah's plan or you do, no excuses.

Guys please take this humble piece of advice from a girl: SKIN TIGHT JEANS AREN'T FOR MEN. IT SUCKS BIG TIME!

Jbh, londebaaz lagta hai banda, peechay se shape ata hai

Its hard for you to share your feelings with other people Keeping your feelings wrapped up inside may bring some negative consequence when you can't hold it in any longer You may burst out at the wrong person

ShahtajRani007’s Profile PhotoShahtaj_Rani
That's kinda similar to how we fart

Idk who needs to hear this but,things will eventually turn out how u want them to be so don’t ever lose hope💘

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Matlab main prime minister ban sakta huin?

How to get confidence?

Public place main Jao, kisi larke per harassment ka ilzaam daaldo aur phir Apne apko defend karo logon ko bula kar, is sab acting main inshallah Apke andar confidence peda hoga

hope for the best Wsy apky ynha shadiyan out of families me krty ..ya nhi.. Or apko khandan me sy koi psnd. Nhi aye ya ap ksi ko psnd nhi aye ab tk Sorry thora personal hogya

iseharsam5742’s Profile Photoiseharsam
Nahi koi baat nahi, I don't mind khandan main ho ya khandan se bahar, filhaal khandan Wala scene nahi samajh ata mujhe, toh khandan se bahar hi karuinga
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