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Someone is a little insecure still. Why you still talking sh!t? You definitely have no room to be calling anyone ugly, darlin’. :)

Lol you’re definitely the insecure one to care. If I’m ugly according to someone else who cares. That’s their preference. I’m not going to be hung up on it.

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I wish we were still friends... I have hope that one day we'll reconnect but you have to initiate it. I've tried and you completely shut me out. I wish the best for you but I wish I could be a part of your life again. I guess i don't really know what I'm wishing for, you're a different person now

It’s hard to let a friend go but you have to respect that choice even when it hurts you. Appreciate the people in your life and continue to let them know. Don’t take things personally

Is it bad if your boyfriend says “if you wear that outfit I won’t be seen in public with you”

Wear it everyday

I miss you I really do. I wish never went the way it did

Life’s greatest lesson, never let go of the things that make you happy


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