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Do you believe in karma?

Somebody can only experience true karma if they have the ability to self reflect or recognize their mistakes.

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Do you think it’s a good idea for a person to get engaged while they’re academically not doing well and still have a year or two left to finish college and they don’t work anywhere either? My parents say being responsible and/or having a job should come first.

ALWAYS put your career and education higher on the priority list than getting engaged. That way if the relationship ever were to not work out, you still have a solid road to financial success and stability in life.

What to do if a guy keeps ghosting you but says he really likes you?

If his words and actions don’t match up always pay attention to his actions. That’ll tell you how he truly feels about you.

Do you think people are the most attracted to each other when they hardly know one another but once they get to know each other, the spark and interest in one another decreases?

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If it’s only physical attraction then yes attraction will die after getting to know each other. But if there’s a deeper attraction for the person you’ll also be attracted to their personality traits as well. It completely depends.
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Do you think it’s considered desperate for a woman to pursue a man?

No, I’ve done it with every dude I ever dated.

How would you deal with someone you’re interested in showing interest in someone else in front of you?

I wouldn’t care it’d just help me move on

When you like someone, how can the person you like know that you like them?

Ask for their number, ask them to hangout, blatantly flirt with them, or straight up tell them

What do you think about small weddings

I say they are better that way. That way your closest loved ones are there rather than tons of people you don’t know very well.


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