Your write-ups are just amazing😍😍 Please post some more

Do you ever feel your dick beating like a heart?
He does all the fucking time.
When he thinks of her, her honey eyes,
The way her neck slides into her collarbones.
Her lips full. Full of songs of the dead flings.
There is sorrow in her smile.
Like sorcery, beautiful but deadly.
The way her breasts fall over her belly,
nipples facing the opposite sides of the world,
Jealous of each other's perfection.
Her navel, a deadly crater.
The source of her magic.
Her legs, a never ending stairway to heaven.
The inverted triangle. The only illuminati that rules him.
The nectar it exudes, men that drink it to gain immortality.
Such is her power.
Some call it sorcery, some trickery.
She is laughing, with tears
streaming down her face.
His dick is beating;
His heart is breaking.

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