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Do you hate when people lies about you

sagetoriola58’s Profile Photosagetoriola58
People do that daily I don't care honestly and it's always been that way. But you need to check your sources. So your implying what? That I said some bullshit about you that wasn't true. Man the fuck up and talk or stfu

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Are you the type of person to express your emotions or do you keep it all to yourself? Why?

toxictaurus6’s Profile PhotoDawn
What tf does that have to do with anything. Are you writing a book on me

I hope I didn’t cause anymore damage but I’m done chiming in. I’ll be here, do you wanna come talk about things?

ihcalam70776’s Profile Photoihcalam
Damage to what feel free to chime in anytime Come and talk about what. If there is an issue I most certainly will and apparently there is something you need to get off your chest and make me aware of.

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Do you hate when are spreading gossip about you

sagetoriola58’s Profile Photosagetoriola58
No it's not the stories or even the bullshit they even say it's the source you come down here and pretend and I know this. I offer you everything I own from my home to my drugs. I even give you money at times. And then you run back as fast as you can to tell the next one something you think you know about. That's what gets you hit with pistols or hammer fisted with flashlights. So you should fuck off before your next ask your chick she will tell you.

Why do people spread gossip about you

sagetoriola58’s Profile Photosagetoriola58
Because they are not me and don't have what it takes to be me. They want to have that "killer instinct" They are nothing. But a flock of sheep whispering amongst themselves hoping to recruit enough like minded sheep. But in there vegan world with only basic instinct. They all think alike and tell the story of when they first tasted meat. Myself I watch when there not and personally I've never tasted meat because I eat meat. It doesn't matter how rare or warm I fucking eat them. Beware of what you involve yourself with or stand alone but still hear. Being part of the flock and coming around and going back to bah bah little black sheep will get you fucking eat in the broud daylight. Weather you are a girl and one of the guys. I don't give a fuck when it comes down to principal. Theres nothing I won't do. If I find out you have been in contact with RFO and been around me I'll k&$l you whore.

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