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There’s a guy. We just had ego clash but he must be missing me. Should I call him? Or wait for his call ???

Call me instead

I am fat ( 75kg, 160cm). I have multiple health disorders including thyroid which tends to make me fat. I tried to do exercise and diet to loss my weight, but nothing is working. I even developed eating disorders. But still my relatives and friends tell me to eat less and loss weight. Wht to do

Marry me no one is ever asked you anything promise

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I'm not comfortable with my picture being posted online. My guy friend, knowing this, said, "C'mon you're not that ugly, c'mere." but before that when i asked how i looked out of the blue, he said, "you look fine i guess? why?" Out of 1 to 10 does he think i'm a 5? or lower? :((

Give me your social media link i need to connect with you

He is fit and slim. I'm somewhere b/w fit & chubby. Will he consider dating me ? Is he out of my league ?

Consider me 1st

He was talking to his friends untill 3 am..I texted him but he didn't see it. I got hurt and wrote my ex's name on my hand to make him jealous and he broke up with me for that reason.. is it my fault ?

No it is his fault


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