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are you the type of person to isolate yourself when you’re in a bad mood or do you prefer to be around people to make you feel better?

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The question: Knowing what you know now, would you rather relive what you had, or would you never let it happen? On one hand you would get to relive the happiest time of your life... On the other you would also have to relive the worst time of your life... Or.. just avoid it all?

I’d avoid it all! If I were to ever go back knowing what I know I would bcse is still be trapped id be trying to fix the unfixable.

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Funny thing these we’re supposed to be for us I messaged so much everyday for months, guess I wasn’t the problem I love u still but sorry u dropped me like I was nothing

You deserved it as much as I did. We’re equal now

Do you believe in the saying if you love something you can’t have just let it go if it’s meant to be it’ll come back?


Where do we start? Or would you rather forget everything like I want too? Or should I just be like completely gone?

How do u start something that’s been dead? Until death tears us apart and after? There’s no starting at any point. Idk what I was expecting from this. But I’ve came to the conclusion that there is just not point and it gives me peace to believe and think u have found true happiness and that I wish u the best. There isn’t much else to say. I guess I’m still hurting by everything that happened and how things went down. You’re an amazing person and is not that I wasn’t enough for u or u were not enough for me. We had a lot to heal and we’re uncapable of doing so while being together. I wasn’t strong enough and neither were u and I couldn’t help u same as u couldn’t help me. Regardless on how it happened it’s something that was meant to be for us to grow like the roses we truly are and accept someone else other than u and I admiring our beauty on a daily basis. I still have a hard time accepting it sometimes bcse just like u I was attached and blinded by the idea and what I felt that we would be a forever and ever thing. But I am content with everything I’ve accomplished and I hope in another life we remember this or part of it and avoid making all the mistakes we did and instead of hurting so much healing ❤️‍. But in this life we will just have to live it and hope the next one treats us better. This isn’t healthy for me. Being here. But in some way is just something I had to do to let u know what my thoughts were. What I have right now is too important to take any risks and I know u understand this. This is the last goodbye and letter so we can both carry on and be happy the way we deserve to be. You will always and forever hurt. Until the next life. I choose not to forget but to put at rest. Sorry if it seems or sounds cowardly but it is what I want to do and the right thing to do at this point. Please put public pictures so I can see you being happy from time to time. I miss you smile sometimes and makes me happy to think you’re also happy. Please. Thank u. Hope u get to read this one day

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What keeps you going even when you want to quit?

Nothing like a nice debt to make u love work lol
My family keeps me going


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