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I'm new here how does this work?

Ask a question and anyone on here will answer it. Or answer some questions. It’s entertaining tbh

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Are y’all getting lit for New Years tonight or is it just like every other night for you rn?

It was a regular night. We just baked at home

If you find an iPhone 14 on the street, do you keep it or return it to its owner?

I’d be tempted to keep but I’d be scared the owner could track it down to me

My frnd flipped out on me, cuz I was taking 4ever to respond back to her texts its been like a day & she thought I was ignoring her. I got Covid and xtreme fatigue I told her that and she still went crzy in my texts and said cruel things wtf

She seems a little toxic or possessive. It might not be great for your mental health

Is it wrong 2 leave a group chat cuz one member is bossy as f%%k and everyone has to tread lightly around what we say or she flips out and doesn’t shut up

If you want to cut her off do it tbh I don’t care

There is no such thing as being “straight” we all fit somewhere under the rainbow🏳️‍🌈🌈

Im straight as a pole


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