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Why do some people think it’s a flex to ignore someone when all that person is trying to do is have a civilized conversation with them? I personally would prefer people be upfront with me about why they don’t want to keep in touch than to leave me guessing.

Exactly I agree.

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In your opinion, is it morally wrong to leave a friend who deals with multiple psychological issues, if you knew that they don’t have many friends besides you?

Yes it would be because if anything they need someone to be there.

what do you think about people who constantly complain about their issues, emotional problems, and symptoms, yet reject the idea of therapy, arguing that they're not 'crazy'?

Did they say it out of their mouth or did you assume it??

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The best way to get a woman is to make her jealous with other women. It works 99% of the time. Prove me wrong.

I'm a woman ad if I saw the man I liked with another woman I would automatically assume he's NOT interested. I don't play those games. And I'd move on!

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I don't really like debating. Why would I spend my time debating when I know I'm always correct about everything?

Hmph that's your problem.

How does someone who’s always been very quiet become someone who speaks up a lot?

It could be because they are starting to heal and is recognizing their worth.

What does it mean when a girl says "i have a bf and dont want anything to do with you. Stop messaging me." What does it mean?

Are you freaking serious????? You can’t understand common sense?

Is being gay a disease, choice or they’re natural born that way?

Nobody is born gay that is stupid nor is a disease. I disease is a “physical” illness. Being is in fact a sin.

do you agree that it's irresponsible to have a kid if you don't even own a house or have a stable, high paying job?

Yes it is.

What do you do if the person you like has no friends?

That wouldn’t make a difference to me. It’s all about whether they have a good heart or not.

Be honest: Have you ever said "I love you" and didn't actually mean it?

No. I don’t play with people’s emotions like that.

Is it worth being yourself if that current self means being alone for pretty much the rest of your life?

Yes. It is.


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