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Are you interested in the lore of videogames? Do you take time to read the backstory of characters?

It depends on the game!

Do you need to hear "I love you" to be in the mood?

No lol, I guarantee if any of my famous crushes walked in the room...I'd instantly feel faint 😂💕

Do people still go to the theatres regularly? I remember being the only one in the theater for one movie and at other times the only one really there for the movie.

I have some regulars, but no where near as many anymore. It's definitely not as popular as it used to be!

What do you think is overpriced as well as overrated?

Disney Parks. There's plenty of other magical places on earth, that's not one of them haha

Do you think unmarried people in comitted relationships should wear rings to show their status?

I think it's the couple's decision

Is it bad pet parenting if your pet is overweight?

I don't think it's healthy if they're obese, it leads to health complications

People always assume you don’t know something just because you’re quiet or you’re younger than them that just shows how ignorant they are, especially if they don’t know me.

Haha I can definitely relate!

Is poverty that bad in America that some people have to rent with roommates, not even rent alone? I know very few Americans who own the house.


If a person from the 1920s teleported to the present, what things do you think would be most shocking to them?

The fact that history is repeating itself still ☠️

Do you think we'll have haptic suits for movies one day like we are starting to have them for videogames? Is it something you would like to experience?

That would be interesting!

Hey, I was reading a poem, and I was curious to see when it was written. I found on a site that it was written in 1855. But then I checked the author's biography, and he died in 1854? Lol... it couldn't have been written in 1855, right? It's obviously earlier.

Strange! Haha maybe it's a ghost writer!

Is it over for kissing booths in the post-Covid era?

I don't think so. I think it was over for kissing booths after cell phones started rolling out phones with selfie cameras. I personally still like them! You can have a memory of a day with your loved one printed right there rather than it be stored away on a virtual cloud, buried under numerous pictures so it'll be less and less seen...you could just hang it on the wall! ☺️💕

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What's a brand you had an unpleasant experience with and would NOT recommend? I don't recommend Breville for kitchen appliances. My mom bought their Fountain Cold XL juice maker, and it sucks. $300 wasted. Our old, cheap juice maker from Walmart was actually better, and it was only like $75.

Oh goodness 😳
I wouldn't recommend AT&T for internet, at least in my area. It's overpriced for the coverage you receive


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